Funniest NEW INDIA TRAIN Chair Class Review | Agra to Jaipur

This INDIA TRAIN chair class review is the FUNNIEST you’ll see. Watch this India Travel vlog to the end because it’s a hoot. We loved making our India vlog and hope you’ll join us on our India Train. Trains in India come in different sizes, and you can sit in various Indian railways cabin options. In our train review, we sat in chair class, but while we’re in India, we will do many India Vlog videos of India Travel. If you want to know more about first class second class ac india train 2ac and other Indian train travel, follow along for more! Different train lines include Gatimaan Express, Maharajah Express, Deccan Odyssey, Palace on Wheels, Shatabdi, Tejas, Vistadome, and Rajdhani. // Travel Vlog #64 // Agra to Jaipur


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32 Replies to “Funniest NEW INDIA TRAIN Chair Class Review | Agra to Jaipur”

  1. Hannah and Chad

    Welcome to our channel! Hit subscribe and the little bell to get notified of our super fun upcoming India vlogs! We had so much fun in our India Train Chair Class, and this video made our personal favorites. Did you have a favorite part of today's vlog?

  2. Tejinder Singh

    If the lady thinks thinks she needs to put hand sanitiser after touching curtains….you must come by your own PRIVATE JET…If you want to enjoy first class facilities…..spend good amount of money….otherwise just stay in your bed.

  3. Claire E

    I be too excited to be enjoying India to care for the state of the train. It’s great you guys are showing the reality of this. Prefer the train rather than flying!..🕉✌️

  4. Chris Boscurry

    You guys are young enough that you haven't been out of college for very long, thus you can relate to college students. May I suggest you go to local colleges and speak with the kids and get advice on sleeping quarters (remember that the word Hotel, "Ho/tull", in India often refers to restaurants, not travelers inns with sleeping accommodations for hire) and best places to eat authentic food as well as trendy Western and Chinese type foods.

    You can also find buffets in most larger cities where you can try huge verities of food. Various places also offer thalis. A thali, "thaa/lee", simply means a platter, with bowls of various curries, budgias, and chutnies, along with rice and or breads. The smaller thalis usually have bowls that are refilled automatically until you say stop, the bigger ones have so much variety that you would need 4 or 5 (or more) people to finish everything.

  5. Axomia account

    That's why I hate whites. So full of themselves. Cannot wait till USA is taken over by jihadist or Russians.

  6. Sakshi Patel

    Your vlogs are addictive ..and you guys are awesome . Just ignore some dumb cunts commenting here. You just presened it the way it is. All the best for your future vlogs.

  7. songs, music. short movie, innovative creation

    Hiiii, u try a luxury train in karnataka(bangalore) tourist…, I feel like a palace…..

  8. raj raj

    Can anyone which flaw was that show in front of mosque . I don't know about that. Is that flag of muslim religion?

  9. Indrajit Sengupta

    Hanna and Chad you guys are funny. You pay 10 times less what you pay in America and expect same level of facilities. How you guys do it? Chad is very sarcastic. Lol!!

  10. Indrajit Sengupta

    Guys you don't need to be sorry for the facilities. A chair car ride will cost them 120 times in America with only twice the comfort. They just like to complain. So you don't need to explain them.

  11. Somansh Gupta

    Just for knowledge. CNF in the ticket means CONFIRM TICKET. And C1, C2, etc for chair car. B1,B2,etc for third AC. A1, A2, etc for second AC. F1, F2, etc for first class. Same applies for all the Indian trains all over country.

  12. Asad

    You want a luxury experience in 5$ lol😲😁,, go and travel in luxury trains like maharaja express and palace on wheel in India if you can afford it and stop complaining about a 5$ ride , seriously what do you want in 5$.

  13. Kushagra Dwivedi

    I liked ur video before I had seen it…I disliked it after seeing it…u must show more maturity in ur videos, u r in a country with 2nd largest population in world and 80 percentage of people r lower middle class and poor, what do u expect by spending 800 rs on train ticket that u will get world class luxeries, spend 80k and than complain

  14. Yashpal Bharatdwaj

    we have worlds best luxury trains in india….u need to have money for that…these are old coaches …i just wonder u r on a trip with calculated money …try palace on wheels if u can afford…how mean..really i pity people like u

  15. Inst Mds

    I like your videos. But to correct you this train is not a new India train. Go and travel in Gatimaan express and than put your funny reviews.
    By the way just compare the price you paid with the comforts than it will be a much fair review.


    In hindu (santan ) no religion in temples every temples distribute food to all types of people in sit one que

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