Young Man Builds Stunning School Bus Tiny House for Only $4,500 – Debt Free Mobile Home

Aaron converted this vintage baby blue school bus into a debt free tiny home for less than $4,500, and the interior design is absolutely stunning.

You can follow Aaron and his bus adventures on Instagram here:

He traded an older vehicle for the bus, and used mostly reclaimed wood to build DIY storage spaces and a bed frame; and the countertop is made from a goat teeter totter.

Most of the decor has been thrifted and specifically chosen to match the era of the bus, which is a 1959 Ford B600 Warden Master. Pretty intense name for a school bus isn’t it?

Since filming the video, Aaron has insulated the bus conversion for winter, and added a full solar power system for off-grid living.

The skoolie’s name is Dorf because a previous owner switched the “F” and the “D” in Ford on the front grill, and Aaron’s dog is an Australian Cattle rescue pup named Chevy.

Aaron built this school bus conversion because he wanted to try something new, exciting, and off the beaten path, and so far he’s been having a great time exploring British Columbia and meeting new people in the bus. He says he has to build 30 extra minutes into his schedule every time he takes the bus somewhere to account for all the time he spends chatting with people.

We filmed this video at the Go-Van El Campo meet-up in BC, where we had a blast meeting other nomads on wheels. You can follow Go-Van on Facebook and Instagram to find out about future El Campo meet-ups:

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32 Replies to “Young Man Builds Stunning School Bus Tiny House for Only $4,500 – Debt Free Mobile Home”

  1. Pete Hatzakos

    I've seen many a bus converted to a home on wheels. But what is never discussed on camera, is where these things are parked in the evening. Where do you park such a thing when it's time to sleep? Do you park in the same place, or move around, or park at a camp site? It's never discussed. (Unless I've missed it in the comments)

  2. anna etters

    This is really nice, and it's even better because he did it himself, re-purposing things that someone didn't need any longer. Comfy and inviting. The perfect place to be when you want to be on the go. No hotels. That is what I love about my c class. I hate hotels. Just knowing that the bed has been used by thousands of strangers makes me itch.

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