A Sailing Trip

Follow your dreams.
Sail away.

In this video, set in the small barrier islands of southwestern Florida, I go on an unforgettable sailing trip with my brother Grant!
The video also features many songs by him.

Thanks to Barsetto for letting me take their Tripresso traveling coffee maker sailing. Travel + coffee = life


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**Always looking for new music! Send me an email (thefindingtravel@gmail.com) to submit songs. They must be available for monetization without getting me a copyright strike. You will get in-video and description credit, plus a new fan (hint, it’s me)**

first song (0:01) – Sunshine by urpleactus
Sunshine by urpleactus
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

Music promoted by Audio Library

2nd song (1:34) – Seen Yo Face by Grant

first sail song (1:53) – Hold on Me by Cadence Kid
Music provided by Heroboard
video link:

coffee song (3:03) – Ten o’Clock in the Morning by Grant

sunrise song (3:38 & end) – Shimmering Consciousness of a Dehydrated Mind by Grant

adventure song (4:19) – Ray of Love by Bravestation, AntiFragile
Music provided by AntiFragile Music

storm song (5:57) – Colors in the Sky by Grant

fun song (6:54) – Everybody by Elias Naslin, YouTubers Music

kayak song (7:46) – Goats by x50 (Vlog No Copyright Music)
Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.
Video Link:

island song (8:01) – Up For You by Bravestation, AntiFragile
Music provided by AntiFragile Music

drone song (9:29) – Take Over Me by Samuel Scott McCumber, submissions
listen here:

another song (10:32) – Happy Daze by Bravestation, AntiFragile
Music provided by AntiFragile

upbeat song (10:58) – Highlife by PnR Productions (PnR Sounds)

call Mom song (11:06) – Wizdm by Osz, No Copyright Trap
Music provided by No Copyright Trap
video link:

Grant’s song (11:56) – Sailing by Grant

parasail song (12:10) – Summertime by Erik Lund (Vlog No Copyright Music)
Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.
Video Link:

*Sorry for all the links, but these artists deserve credit for their awesome work!

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40 Replies to “A Sailing Trip”

  1. Michael Chew

    I am jealous, nevertheless be safe in your passages. Take care and share your adventure with us. 😘

  2. Greg Bennett

    I must say – such an enjoyable adventure – enjoying the wind and the caribbean clouds. Great use of the earth vs. the raping of the BVI's by misplaced fat cat credit card sailors and blubber tanned alcoholics – Where do we need the wall? IQ wall? "Here we are for our honeymoon – I can't see after 15 shots but we were in a beautiful harbor – I blew chunks and felt so good when my hubby woke me up for a Bloody Mary breakfast before we dock with other chubby sailors keen on intimidating cab drivers to take us to nature sites – if we are unable to function – these slaves need to drive us to bars"

  3. Steve Hutchesson

    I knew I had seen that cheeky face before on the great wall of China. Nice boat and attractive area for this video.


    Hi I am your new subscriber you are so beutyfull and respecteble girl your program is very good Cary on good job good to see you.


    Hi I am your new subscriber you are so beutyfull and respecteble girl your program is very good Cary on good job good to see you.

  6. Hunter Ye

    Beautiful scenery, charming girl, nice background music, everything is just right! I followed your video to learn English! Haha! Thanks for sharing!

  7. alanOHALAN

    You will be surprised how many people live on boats in the US. Even older people. Sailing is so much fun!

  8. Eloy Antonio roa sanchez

    Jordan, happiness is to be able to do for a living that which is near and dear to your heart, to your soul, to your spirit and to your entire being regardless of the money.
    And both, your awesome brother and you are world class champions on doing just that.
    You guys can thank God for the directions that your lives have taken, you guys can also thanks God for the great genes that you guys inheritate from your parents.
    Though the cult nearly destroyed everything in you guys life. But there was something that that evil cult could have never destroy and that was God direction over you guys, your great genes and your outlook in your adult life what your futures are turning out to be.
    You guys are an inspiration to the world.
    Antonio, the 18 wheeler

  9. 唐帅

    It’s weird to watch your videos of traveling in China with a great interest as a Chinese,i am your funs now

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