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I loved traveling to Hawaii with my friend Allana and exploring Maui. Mimic our trip:
• Road to Hana:
• Travaasa Hana:
• Maverick Helicopter:
• Mill House:

Hawaii Trip Part II

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34 Replies to “TRAVELING TO HAWAII!!”

  1. Erik Conover

    FIRST Video from the Hawaii Travel Series!! If you have been to the Islands comment your favorite one / thing to do there. I'm 100% heading back in February.

  2. ssingleton808

    Aunty Sandy’s banana bread is tops! Plus her pulled pork sandwiches! Coming from someone born and raised in Maui! Big props on the video! You got my sub

  3. Go Sammy-Jo

    Love this video I visited maui this past summer to visit my aunt that lives on the island. Wish I thought to make a video from it! Well done makes me wana go back!


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  5. Kiana-Lei Chang

    try Halfway to Hana next time!! its right past the lookout, you can't miss it! best banana bread ever!!!

  6. Terry Ridge

    Love the VidClip, but I just wish you had spelled Hawai'i correctly. The okina between the i's IS a Hawai'ian letter after all. Mahalo a aloha 'oe nui loa ~ ~ ~

  7. Jenny Zaruba

    What song is in the background at the very beginning of this video? I love it but cannot for the life of me find the name of it. 😅

  8. Meggie Spaghetti

    Too funny, I was searching videos of Hawaii, found you, then…there's Allana. I watch Allana's channel, lol.

  9. Denny Eligon

    Great video! now i have to go to Hawaii …… one question Erik what is the name of the song you used?

  10. Nguyen Kien

    Really like your channel and your journeys to amazing destinations. Keep your great work!!! It's fantastic. Thanks for sharing! 👍👍

  11. Naniko. G

    l like your video✋️✋️especially a plane taking videos it was very sunshine end blue sea,garden if course the sea 😊😊💜💙

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