Attaché Travels – Part 3 Dubai in Business Class on an Emirates A380

And we’re back! Come along on a quick trip to Dubai in business class on an Emirates A380. I make a quick stop at my favourite restaurant in Dubai – not the kind of place you would expect! And you’ll see the Emirates business class lounges at both Heathrow and Dubai – VERY impressive spaces.

I put up a poll a couple of weeks ago asking if you wanted more of these quick trip videos and the vast majority of you said YES. So here we are – let me know if you dig it and if so I’ll keep doing them.

Apologies for the sound in some areas, trying to filter out the aircraft noise was a challenge with a directional mic.

Good Morning London – Kaya Project
Neotropic – Neotropic
The Sidewalk Cruise – Cassettes Won’t Listen

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32 Replies to “Attaché Travels – Part 3 Dubai in Business Class on an Emirates A380”

  1. Attaché

    Sorry about the audio in some parts of this videos, I was testing out a new rig that clearly hasn't met expectations. I hope the vast majority of the video where I'm NOT talking makes up for it.

  2. Ben Hollingshead

    Not only is it Friday, I’ve also just seen a new attaché vid has been uploaded…for this I am truly grateful…..and more Italian cities/areas would be lovely!

  3. Royal Falcon

    Thanks for the Vlog! It would be nice if you had showed us more of Dubai (and used a better microphone) . Nevertheless I enjoyed it and I´m looking forward for more Vlogs!

  4. Sean Of The Head

    I like this mini series….maybe I'm in the minority here, but I don't click on these expecting the same polished feel of a fully fleshed out Attache video and that being said, I thought some of the shots were spectacular anyway, so well done 👍

  5. Leo Cogin

    I liked it – yeah flaky sound but it happens. I do think it managed to be a step up from a "vlog". It's still a short film and you guys are good at what you do. I'm also too old to vlog.

  6. KK Vacay

    I really find these vlogs enjoyable… a behind-the-scenes look at travel life. I also love the official travel videos but this gives a sense of the traveler. Keep it up and hope you do more of these, too!

  7. JoschiHH

    Hey Alex, I like the way you also start to do reviews and trip reports about flights like other YouTuber as Sam Chui or GlobalTravelerTV. Keep on going! Nonetheless, hope to see travel guides from Downunder soon 😉 Regards from Hamburg, Germany!

  8. Harry Sav

    Thumbs up from me and subbed aswell👍
    Ps. I swear these stinking taxi drivers are the same wherever you go, hence why I always rent cars..

  9. Rich Dewhirst

    Alex! I have a question about Al Usted! I'm off to Dubai next weekend and thinking of stopping by to try the food – might be a silly question but do the guys there speak English or am I going to be holding up the line while stammering over an Arabic menu?

  10. Kenneth Wu

    I did Manchester (UK) to Kuala lumpur (Malaysia) a couple of years ago on Business class..fabulous trip.

  11. TheTraffic247

    Funny you say that, being from Texas I had a similar experience in new york. You'll find scammers everywhere.

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