Introduction to PLASTIC FREE LIVING: How To Cut Out 80% of Your Plastic Use in a Few Easy Steps

Introduction to PLASTIC FREE LIVING: How To Cut Out 80% of Your Plastic Use in a Few Easy Steps

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Here are the essentials to succeeding in this lifestyle:
1. Reusable Cup
2. Jars – snacks and jar salads
3. Reusable water bottle – water – best one is Grayl
4. Metal straw (optional)
5. Bees wax wraps – replaces cling wrap and stores your food fresh
6. Atainless steel cutlery – food on the go
7. Tupperware (optional) – snacks and lunches
8. Reusable bag – for shopping
9. Fruit mesh bag – fruit and veg shopping
10. Assertive attitude (if you’re shy about it or don’t want to be pushy, think of your current or future children. You’re doing nothing wrong. As a matter of fact, you’re doing something SUPER kind for everyone by trying to save our planet!)
11. Headphones – bring your own on flights
12. Prepared food – in flight service is far too often all plastic wrapped. Bring your own food which is healthier anyway. If you cannot do this for any reasons, bring your own cup, own reusable water bottle and utensils on board and give back the plastic alternatives to the staff before they hand you the platter so they can reuse it (pack any knives in your check in luggage as they could take them off you, even blunt ones).
14. Get a sturdy plastic bag for the liquid security screening that you can use over and over again instead of the one time plastic bags they give you at the airport

Small steps you can take to make a massive difference:
1. Say no to plastic straws
2. If you need to use a disposable coffee cup, say no to the lid
3. Say no to plastic bags
4. Learn to make your own toiletries which are cheaper and better for you anyway.

Just remember, any small way you can start cutting out this major pollutant right now is better than not doing anything at all!

So take baby steps wherever you can. The future generations deserve it 🙂

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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38 Replies to “Introduction to PLASTIC FREE LIVING: How To Cut Out 80% of Your Plastic Use in a Few Easy Steps”

  1. heather Meacham

    Hey Sorelle wicked video but a little intro into who Casey is and what he does would have been useful. Well done! Peeeeaaace!

  2. Ashley Zenun

    I work at a restaurant and I hate throwing away so much plastic and always put the straws back and napkins not used, plates, etc.

  3. Miia -

    We warm up the house and water with wood, so I try to buy paper bags instead of plastic if I forget my fabric one.
    Also if I do buy one, I use it until it breaks down and then try make something out of it.
    It’s not smart throwing away all plastic in the house when you go plastic free, just use the stuff and when it breaks down replace with plastic free alternative. Or give/sell them.
    I’m moving out next month so I try not to buy any plastic furniture, decoration, dishes or clothing. (Yes some fabrics are made of plastic) But the couple plastic dishes I got I will take the best care of so they’ll last. But whenever they give up I’m changing into metal and glass

  4. Tessa Kalchert

    I work in a nursing home and it's so cringey how much plastic they use. They literally will give them mini water bottles with every meal instead of a glass of water and more than half of them dont even touch them and they get thrown out.

  5. Mile Ale

    looooove your attitute towards saving the planet! Youre truly adorable. i m starting to not buy straws anymore and i use tampons instead of pads wich are not much but they re so much better than using a pack of 16 pads per peroid. im going to start using less plastic beacuse its so important nowadays

  6. 3bnui

    i am trying to live a plastic free lifestyle, but it's hard to change because if i do it, my family has to do it too and they don't want to change because it's uncomfortable. Also ive tried using the bamboo toothbrushes, but i feel like the back of the toothbrush feels uncomfortable when it touches my mouth because its so dry.

  7. Ashton Wyss

    It’s amazing what you’re doing, but you really should go vegan, the meat and dairy industry causes more pollution that all modes of transport combined, and the fishing industry is responsible for a ridiculous amount of plastic pollution, some of the worse cases of wildlife dying is because they’ve been caught in a stray plastic net, including turtles, dolphins, sharks, and even whales

  8. Chinelo Obiamalu

    What about toothpaste? please help lol I use Tom's organic but I need something that is plastic free.

  9. Isabelle K

    Thank you Sorelle! Just last night I had to go out to eat out and we were given plastic spoons, plastic plates, plastic sauce containers, disposable chopsticks and the list goes on.
    I had brought my reusable utensils and next time I need to bring a plate, because it makes me speechless that we have this single disposable concept of plastic to use for only a few minutes, then to go to landfill for the next 500 or so years. It BLOWS my mind!

    Thank you for making this video, I'm hoping to make a similar video detailing the small habitual changes over a couple of weeks, like bringing your own utensils, etc… It's small but like you said, the ripple effect.

    Much love from Australia!!! <3

  10. WorkIn Progress

    PS: This Baiden thing seems to be the regular turkish Hammam mitten. So you can buy it a lot cheeper on ebay or even in stores selling turkish household stuff, if you want to. 🙂

  11. Ida løvinden

    Okay. So let me get this straight. You prefer using energy on metal, glass and paper. Also EVERYONE knows that paper is from trees. So you prefer killing trees. Even though its also good just to reuse and simply just put your trash the correct places.

  12. Breigh In Wonderland

    Sorelle, I absolutely love your videos. First off, that dress…omg I love it!!!!! You are such an inspiration to me. I wanted to ask you, have you heard any suggestions for a purple shampoo for bleach blondes? I am trying so hard to be plastic free, but purple shampoo is the bane of my plastic free life.

    I’ve thought about just going back to being a brunette, but doing my hair is really the one thing I do that is “luxurious.” And it makes me happy.

    Also, mascara. I cannot find any plastic free mascara…have you forgone makeup completely? Or is there a more eco friendly option?

    Love the work you do, thank you in advance! 🙏💗

  13. Jerie Kae

    I’m from the Philippines and literally everything is packed in plastic, especially food and that depress and frustrates me so much. Veggies are easy. We buy locally cuz its cheaper but the snacks and others is so hard so I contribute where I can. I was also scared of asking not to have plastic on my purchase at first but eventually I just grew a pair and Im happy. My mother eventually caught on cuz i would go beast mode(but not really) on her when she brings home plastic spoons, straws etc. Now there is a ban on the use of plastic bags in the city, however it still has a long way to go. Plastic bags are still being used outside the city without tight security checks but I’m extremely hopeful and I hope more and more people will catch on. More power to you, Sorelle. You’re an inspiration ❤️

  14. alms baasha

    I Love this !! Thanks for the Info ! 🤗I’m planning on going plastic free as well and I needed to convince my husband 😄 so far I bought wooden toothbrushes 🙌🏽😁 & I’m trying to convince my family to do the same. Our planet is in serious danger😔 I honestly don’t even want to think about bringing kids into this world Bc shit just got bad 😔🌍

  15. Sarah May

    Well done on this video. It’s hard isn’t it. I’ve switched to using the local butcher – shout out to Fairlight Butcher and Harris Farm butcher, Manly for their no plastic policy. Everything is in paper and cardboard and they love byo containers.

  16. Helmi Hiltunen

    Im trying to get rid of small plastic things, now I have wooden tooth brush, menstral cup and reusable bags for fruits. And I dont buy plastic bags 🙂 small changes ^^

  17. Madeline Iriarte

    This video genuinely made me smile and really hopeful that small ecofriendly lifestyle changes like this can really save our world. Thank you so much for making these videos 🙂

  18. Stephanie Podue

    For a clear reusable toiletry bag, I use my Stasher silicone bag. I bought it for food storage, but it worked great on the plane – I got through security just fine!

  19. Mindy ys

    I was just about to pop out to get some make up remover till you mention coconut oil can be used for the same purpose! I bought a jar of coconut oil for the same reason but forgot about it. So thank you for helping me to be one step closer to living plastic-free!!!

  20. Act like Love

    Another way to avoid plastic bags is to buy a cloth drawstring bag and apply pure lanolin to it. It will make the bag waterproof and as natural as we can get to something waterproof without using chemicals or types of plastic. Look up on youtube how to apply & care for lanolin. The lanolin is similar to beeswax but is derived from sheep's wool. It's not a vegan option however it plastic free if you can purchase the lanolin in a glass jar. I learned this trick when cloth diapering my daughter.

  21. Celia Tudor

    Amazing.. Loving these videos! how do you take water onto flights (over 100ml)?
    Tap water from the plane into the filtered bottle?

  22. Laura Stagnet

    I literally just ordered the Baiden Mitten haha, have been looking for a decent exfoliator for aaaaages and almost bought the Grayl bottle too 😀 but wn't get it before i go on my next trip though – I was wondering if you filtered and drank the tab water in asia with it Sorelle?

  23. D. C.

    Amazing! I'm on my slow but steady journey of being plastic free and the swap I just made was getting my toothpaste in a glass jar

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