Maldives Travel Vlog ft. Jon Olsson

Maldives Travel Vlog ft. Jon Olsson
October 12th 2016, Maldives Islands.
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Erik Conover Video Blog 466: Day in the life on the Surfboat in the Maldives! Morning convos with Jon, surf, traveling to a new Island, all around good vibes 🙂

Drone filming by: Ross Benett:

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snapchat: erikconover

Trip booked through Xtravel:

Music By:

Canon G7x
DJI Phantom 4 Drone
GoPro Hero 4 Black
Joby Gorillapod

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25 Replies to “Maldives Travel Vlog ft. Jon Olsson”

  1. Betty L

    Interesting food on board, but no seafood?  The islands should have abundance of seafood.  Let us know in the next vlog what they have.

  2. Kirby Ziada

    Genuine question Erik, how do you use copyrighted music in your videos without getting done? (Mainly your videos from a month or so ago).

  3. 胡新徹

    Keep your head up high! You are a great person and life will only get better and better for you. Sending love from Taiwan!

  4. Andre Gignac

    Sorry for the dumb question but why do you wax your board before surfing ? To surf faster ? Does it make a real difference ?

  5. Deb Noble

    I'm seriously loving your videos. Usually watching the same thing from different perspectives can feel redundant, but watching Jon's vlogs and yours doesn't; you guys both approach vlogging differently, and end up with two very different, but equally impressive vlogs.

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