what really happened.

Vlog 14 of many. Location: Siargao, Philippines. We made the most of a lazy beach day.

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  1. frances fritticci

    That's why you guys are going to get the shorty award because you always have the camera we want to see it all of course we want to see it all good job

  2. The Stress Buster - By Vishal Vincent

    I saw ur vlog on the home page of the YouTube, I don't know may be it was video number somewhere over 500 while you guys were in India…

    Yesterday I went back and started watching from day 1 and I am loving all of them , I haven't fast forwarded even a single video yet…

    Good job guys. Kara is so cute and her expressions are cute too.. Nate bro you remind me so much of Cristiano Rinaldo 😂😂…

  3. Adam Passeno

    My 12 year old son is obsessed with your vlogs!!! Nightly ritual to travel vicariously through you 🙂
    Thanks for the outstanding work

  4. lee pagnini

    Dear Prescious and Petunia, You need to understand, we love you. We will watch anything you have to show. You live a life that we dream of and facinates us. We don't care about the wind, rain, street noise, machinery, lost kids, found kids, cars jets and planes. We want what you have to give. Lots of it. Have much fun even in the lines.

  5. Karren McPherson

    I just wanted to say thank you so much. I have been very ill for 18 months and I stumbled across your channel and it’s really kept me going. You guys are awesome and it was a double bonus when I see here and there you are believers 😊😊😊😊


    I'm so in love with your vlogs. I accidentally discovered it when I was browsing Youtube. The Flat Salt in Bolivia was amazing. My husband and I are saving for that trip now. On the other hand, I started watching your early vlogs (especially the Philippines one). I was amazed by your sense of adventure. I'm originally from the Philippines. I live in Tennessee now. I was just amazed that you guys tried Cebu first. I hope you will have the chance to try Boracay, Palawan, Bohol (The Chocolate Hills), and Legazpi (Mayon Volcano). These are the places I took my husband for vacationing over there. The conditions of traveling by air and land were so frustrating(the downside of traveling there) due to the length of lines and waiting; I made sure that whatever we experience will be one of a kind and like no other. My husband loves it despite the traffic and had been trying Durian and Balut. I love that guy at the end saying"fast English" lol. That's the good thing about Filipinos, they will surely try to speak to you in English "broken or slow" hahaha Congratulations on winning the shorty! Good luck and keep posting.

  7. Chelsea Hoover

    I have started at the beginning and you guys are keeping me company at work!! I want to do the VESPA tour one year so you have to travel for-ev-errrrr (sandlot voice)!

  8. alfredo balbuena

    Guys … dont listen to the Negative folks .. I love the videos you guys make … please dont change … the video you guys make brings joy and pleasure to my day . I work about 70 hours a week and it's a pleasure to take breaks and catch up to ulis guys and see how Beautiful the rest of the world is .

    As for folks that are saying stop showing so much positive things or always making happy video, tell them to suck a 62 day old lemon .

  9. Aggie Serrame

    Oh no! I wish I could’ve given you guys more information on where to go! I think that the Philippines is mixed but the places you it’s visited aren’t the best of the best darn! But we have this thing called “Filipino time” where people always come to anything at least an hour later lol. Idk why it’s like that but it’s part of the culture. There are better beaches we’ve been at when I was growing up there, hopefully you guys can go back and have a better experience haha

  10. dzaztrouz bishop

    I can understand that you guys were new to traveling when this was filmed,and it’s bummer no one showed you around my country like how the Arabs did.

  11. Ousha Ghurasingh

    Y’all are hilarious. I recently moved to Bali w my husband and I’m visiting home in the states for the holidays. As a traveler myself, I’ve always wanted to vlog but idk why I just don’t do it haha. So I’m here literally watching ur entire feed. From oldest to recent. Thank y’all for sharing!!❤️❤️❤️ And if ur ever in Bali, HMU!

  12. twolf401

    I just started watching your videos and wow I so enjoy them because it's like going on vacation with you. Keep up the good vlogging!

  13. Laurie Uebbing

    Ok, so, why Kara, are you not a model? You little lady, are breathtaking! No, I'm not a weirdo, I just know beauty! It appears you are beautiful inside and that's why you are the same on the outside! Don't change!

  14. Caroline Melton

    I'm New to your channel. It showed up on my new feed randomly yesterday. I love what you guys do. It has always been my dream to travel around the world, But then my mom got sick with cancer and this march she finally loss her battle to cancer. She loved to go to places and travel around the world. I feel like if i did this i would never be able to make a living out of it.

  15. Peter Neu

    Hello, I am binge watching from the beginning. You do great work. FYI, 25 years from now – a whole decade will blend together: school, travel, family, regardless; so you will probably treasure your vlogs.

  16. mark wilson

    u guys shud just drop a nuclear bomb on the philipines and let the americans walk about unheeded! oh take guns as well and shoot the locals in the queses how dare they make you yanx wait! dont they realize u rule the world? geesh some foreigners!

  17. NARS

    Randomly ran into your channel so excited to start watching for the start! Now I have something to do my first winter break from college !! Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to travel the world!😊

  18. Christer Grerot

    😀 😀 Have a camera with You all the time, and beeing so focused on a camera that You stept on a dog…? 😀 😀 "Did he bite you…?" If he did he probably didn't have rabies, as this was 3 years ago… 🙂 Love Your videos!

  19. Elle D

    that is true w the lines in the mall in cebu..so I used the car app “grab taxi” but even that still is the wait in some malls..the fastest but not the safest and sure is a hassle w luggages are the jeepneys..I am glad you were able to relax in surgiao

  20. Planes, Trains, Everything.

    OK, I hold my hands up. I only started watching the latest videos around 3 months ago, but now I'm binge watching from the very start. It's going to be a fascinating journey to see how the techniques have become more polished over time. It's actually quite fascinating.

  21. patricia lowery

    I'm going back and watching from the beginning. Don't you guys ever get mad at each other. I know my husband and I would be arguing a lot.

  22. camarc79

    Found your vlog on my feed, the one in India four days ago, and I've been binge-watching ever since! I got thru the recent ones so I thougjt about starting from the beginning! I must say you guys have come a long way. There's a marked difference between your old and newer videos and while I definitely like the newer ones and not so much your first few videos, I really do love your channel! You are both awesome! No wonder you won a Shorty! May you have many more travels and vlogs! ❤ from the Philippines. 😊

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