Super Modern Off-Grid Tiny House – Full Tour

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Patrick and Thomas from the Rewild Homes Team built the Blue Heron tiny house to be completely off-grid with a Morso wood stove, 6 x 285 Watt solar panels, rainwater collection, and a Separett composting toilet.

The house is built on a 24 foot, 2 axle trailer, and it measures approximately 200 square feet.

The roof is gabled, which is a slightly more expensive design than a shed slope roof, but it allows for headroom on both sides of the sleeping loft.

Instead of a ladder, Rewild Homes has been getting lots of requests from their clients for stairs, so they’ve incorporated storage drawes, and they also used the space to store the large solar battery bank above the axles since the batteries weigh close to 1000 lbs.

The solar power system is very large for a tiny house, and they did this primarily because they wanted to run the refrigerator on solar power. They use propane to heat water and for the cooktop.

For ventilation, they have an industrial style ceiling fan to circulate heat and air, and they have a hood fan above the stove, and a vent in the bathroom to help keep humidity levels down.

The exterior of the home is cedar, which can withstand the damp British Columbia climate.

Rewild Homes is in Nanaimo, BC:

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27 Replies to “Super Modern Off-Grid Tiny House – Full Tour”

  1. Belinda Hawkins

    I wanted to let u know so u know
    That how u did the toilet
    The bathroom door from the kitchen was excellent
    U say "Y"!?!??
    Usually I don't even continue the tour of the bathroom door is right next to the kitchen
    I'm done
    Proximity issue of the bathroom next to the kitchen
    Huge no
    But u totally fooled me
    Yes the door is there but next to the door is the washer/dryer combo the sink a nice small DEEP bowl and lastly the toilet
    And on the other side a full length closet another plus for u not common in the tiny
    As I said b 4 BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  2. marlana

    I love this TH. I love the colors, the sense of spaciousness and airy feel (prefer 1 loft over the added storage loft), the diversity and balance – adding modern and rustic earthy elements and the off-grid features / independent capabilities: like the bird it's named after. I really wanted this home. Saw this on another TH channel and now am debating again on this home vs one with this solar capabilities (I am on a THOW search).
    Love the Morso stove – lots of rain where I am, but a month or two in summer gets extremely hot. Does the fan and windows alone keep it 'comfortable' enough?

    Thank you for this video – the walk thru is so good! Love so much about this TH <3

  3. Triple070007

    Any information on that kind of solar setup – inverter etc? It's beefier than the usual sailboat type battery bank. Do you have a list or equipment and or instructions? Thanks

  4. Anne Bell

    one of my favourite channels for sure…you guys rock…great videos and very professionally done…thank you so much for some great hours of intrigue and entertainment…as well as so many tips and ideas…be well

  5. John Deveney

    Being single, van life is more appealing; not to mention 1/3 the cost… (not everyone has a tow vehicle). If you like this idea and want something more permanent, look into park models…

  6. girlsruleVII

    The title should have been "Super Expensive" tiny house. I thought one was tryng to cut down on price. I bet the cost of this hous is $200K with all of the expensive upgrades.

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