Samantha Busch – Riveting Women Ep. 3

Meet women working hard in one of the most male dominated sports, NASCAR. Share this video!
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27 Replies to “Samantha Busch – Riveting Women Ep. 3”

  1. Lowkey Lex

    As being an avid nascar fan, dirt track racing fan as well as dating a traveling racecar driver I absolutely LOVE seeing/watching your series. It’s incredibly rare to hear a public figure on YouTube talk about racing! I love that your shining light on the woman of nascar!! They deserve all of the recognition they can get!!

  2. Chrusterbuster

    I love how this series started with NASCAR. It’s so underrated & I’m so glad you were able to show how many great people are involved in the sport.

  3. Gabrielle Weber

    Please keep doing these incredible videos!

    I really enjoy your style of filming and sharing other peoples stories. It inspires me to ask more questions to people I meet about their lives and build a better relationship with them.

    I can see that the views are not pushing like they used to but +thats okay!+❤️

    If you have a clear vision of what you want in life, it will come true.
    I have faith in the growth of your new channel and am so excited to see what more you have in store to share!! ❤️❤️

  4. khristina magdaleno

    You should make merch for this new series that says “riveting women”. I’m a huge fan of Rosie the Riveter & you of course! 🙂

  5. Sabrina Kuhn

    The internet really needs more videos like this one to empower women. A lot of people don't realize the struggles women go through simply because they are a woman. This series is a real eye opener and its really inspiring. Thank you, Monica!

  6. Triasha Chaudhury

    This is my favorite one so far. I love the series. I know the views aren't showing it, but you're doing an amazing job. Keep it up.

  7. Sabine Gratch

    you always have great music throughout your videos! You should list the songs you use at the end of each video

  8. Ana S

    it's sad that these videos don't get as many views as the rest of the stuff on your channel… I just love this content and wish your subscribers would also love it and support you on this. Keep it up ♥

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