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Getting lost and trying new food, the best way to see Beijing, China!
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Hou Hai (Back Lakes)
Summer Palace
Longtan Lake
Wangfujing Street

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31 Replies to “LOST IN CHINA”

  1. Hu Wenjie

    Oh cute girl, I want to have one girlfriend same you HAHA, Welcome to China again, Shanghai,Shenzhen(My home city) and many other city are very good.

  2. Liu Peter

    If you ever have a chance, defiantly welcome visit my city Shenzhen, which is an amazing city, based on my opinion, Shenzhen is the best city in China : )

    Hope that if you take a video in Shenzhen in near future! BTW, like you smile a lot!

  3. 寒蝉王

    omg, the "bing tang hu lu" u have eaten is made by hawthorn and cover with suger. That's our northern Chinese guys' snack, especially during the winter.

  4. 搞笑视频分享玩具熊

    I was born in Beijing live there 26 years right now I moved to LA but still proud be a beijinger

  5. Tech Tips

    if u colour your hair black and come to India lots of people will mistake u for Anushka Sharma a Bollywood actress


    冰糖葫芦 bingtanghulu it's a kind of skewered haw fruits or any other kinds of fruits that dipped into the hot sweet sugar syrup to become kind of like sugar coated skewered fruit.

  7. Bruce Burns

    A little less girls face and a bit more of the Chinese scenery would go down a bit better for viewers .

  8. MarbleDwarf 5987

    In Toronto, the government people use the tax payers money for vacation. That’s why there’s no money for building subway and renovating the TTC. They should learn from Beijing. The TTC and subway need to cover the whole GTA including Mississauga and Hamilton

  9. Russell Lam

    Oh my god China! It looks like you had a good time there! Hopefully air quality wasn't too bad for you because I heard that China has the worst air quality!

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