BEST and WORST Travel Moments of 2014

The BEST and WORST things that happened to me on my travels this year!

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50 Replies to “BEST and WORST Travel Moments of 2014”

  1. Daniel Catallo

    From your video on your trip to Amsterdam, I can see exactly what made you sick. Never eat anything from a public dispensing machine.  You don't know how long its been in there.

  2. ZygoticGoose

    This is an awesome video!  Word of advise though, you will want to deal with that back injury until it is fixed.  I didn't, so now my back will give out on me all these years later.  Been waiting for this video for a long time!  lol

  3. Rafe Petersen

    Best memory has got to be reaching 4377m at the top of Mt. Tulu Deemtu in Ethiopia over my month long trip there

    Worst was probably…on the same trip when i had arranged to go and see these awesome churches carved straight down into the stone of a hill, so the top was ground level and theyre all one peice of stone. theres 11 connected by tunnels and theyre 900 years old. and i got sick on the day we were gonna go. i could only see three of them :'( 

  4. Nicolas Cediey

    Thanks for making awesome video's Nadine! Such a tough question. So many travel moments made my year (or destroyed it, haha!)

    Best – Traveling to Milan, meeting my old exchange student friend (who I met in America when I was staying there for a year) for her birthday, going to see a Inter Milan-Juventus football game, getting wasted and all that for 50€! It's all about connections, haha!

    Worst – While working/travelling in Blois, France for two months I got Pheiffer and Scarlatine due to the fact I overworked myself! Woeps! Didn't stop me to visit all the castles in the region though 🙂

    Best – Going on Erasmus and living in Prague for 5 months! (currently still here) Amazing city, amazing people, amazing culture, it's pretty much amazing!

    Worst – When finally arriving in Budapest, Hungary after a 9 hour bus ride I found out that there was a problem with the hostel so me and my friends had to find a new one at 01:00 in the morning…. Walking through an unknown city when all you want to do is sleep… not fun, haha!

  5. vielleichtinteressant

    Honestly, my best travel moment of 2014 was simply finally doing some travelling. I've been making plans for ages but there was always something keeping me from doing it but in 2014 it all finally worked out – needless to say the trip was fuckin' amazing! 🙂

  6. Htechnopower

    Best: When my family and I went to Austria and went INSIDE the Hintertux Galcier! Worst: was also in Austria, we got stuck in the glacier in an electric storm meaning we had to use torches and then the ski lift broke down we me and my step dad in it! Love your videos! 

  7. Connortim9

    My best moment was rappelling down a cliff in the Blue Mountains in Australia and the worst was when my friend had an allergic reaction to her dinner and had to stay the night the at a hospital in Sydney 🙁 hope your back feels better!

  8. BeautyXxStar

    you and everybody else commenting is so inspiring.. im one of those people who loves travelling and the idea of it but hasn't really been able to do much.. hopefully one day!

  9. Emma Ripley


    My best: off the coast of Malta on Gozo at a place called Azure's window. The waves were huge and we found a perfect rock to climb out on and the waves crashing on it from either side spraying all around us but we never got too wet.

    Worst: Kind of a long story but basically I was watching a bathroom door that didn't lock for my friend in Trieste Italy and was confronted by a rather large man with a pink cowboy hat (on some type of drug) with a kitchen knife. He was staring at me, but as soon as I started to feel super scared he sprinted into the mens bathroom. 

  10. HeyShae

    The SAME thing happened to us the second we got to Paris with the metro 🙁 We had the worst day of traveling and my friend threw her ticket away and they were standing at the exit for the first time in any of our travels for a month! So a 1.50 euro metro pass turned into 50 euro 🙁 
    I can't wait to do more traveling because 2014 was incredible for me thanks to your inspiration! I even vlogged it ALL and put it on a whole new channel!

  11. Elias Giacky

    I like how u work on ur videos 😁 u r fantastic 😘 i start the video vlog/travel with my gopro on my channel! Wanna make a video with me? Come to visit turin (italy) and i will be ur cicero and we can make a video together! It would be handsome ❤️

  12. Susana Morales Montañez

    Worst: I was working as an Au Pair in Las Vegas, one day I broke my ankle and I had surgery… not cool I had to come back home I wasnt able to complete my au pair year and I missed my flights to Maui, Hawaii.
    Best: after one month of coming back home I had the chance to go back to Las Vegas to a Music Festival, my ankle wasnt super fixed so I traveled all the way from Mexico to Vegas by myslef on a wheelchair… on one of the festival concerts people saw me on the wheelchair and said "You can't see anything from there" so they lift me up and I did crowd surfing on a wheelchair! People took many pictures of me! Crazy and Super Fun!

  13. dankdonkey

    FUNNIEST VID OF ALL TIME< {OMG!). Like, the movie "Avatar"? I just love how wealthy your family is? OMG Called… OUT? not BACK? I guess (i), look- BEST! they're GIANT FEEDER fiSh, OMG I guess. I have 50 euro, sos Icahn tots pay my fine   in-FULL? OMG cardio, visio?, back injuries are the WORST!

  14. Rockneda

    hey thanks sharing that this happen now well I went camping last week for my second time for a one overnight in PA and it was a lake setting/motocross mountain run all the man went for that & few girls too "not me". The trip was not the worst but the worst thing and place to had that happen. I knew already this place had no BATHROOM. While we wait they feed us OKAY I'M A BIG GIRL I have my own rules "make sure i don't eat anything heavy on the road or camping" we all are hispanic the food looked pretty heavy I had all the signs in my head not to eat it but did not want to be rude so I was starving I ate it. Okay the road trip and the night time dinner camp out was great unit in the middle of the night could not sleep, moving a lot on my cot bed and felt a little pain in my stomach but it went away that was fine. Sun is up had to pee really bad there were rocks on the ground and hard to walk fast with flip flops to find a hiding sot to pee so thats was done. It gets worst through the day had a stomach ache and nausea shit breaks lose felted sick the whole day thank god  the pain was claim and try to stay in one place because i would get tiny bit dizzy I was holding it for long time for I would not need to go, so  i guess the smell of the gas of the bikes and the smoke of the fire just got me in the mix. Thats it! my body couldn't hold it anymore thank god by the time we had things packed already few groups had left already we & few friends stay chilling at the lake/river idk for the first time in my life I shit my pants it was disgusting thank god for my black pants PJs it was a hot day, did not care anymore i gotta go so the lake/river was my toilet+Bidet it had to be done because it is very uncomfortable to crotch down in a open place and do your business. The worst was the last hours on the camp i was clean and changed my stomach was hurting really bad, dying to get home already, still needed the bathroom and couldn't move or help put bags into the car. At the end got home and everything went downhill sick for 2 days it would have been longer if my mom did not gave me a liquid stomach cleaner lemon favor flush juice. And that was more power than TUMS. So never again will I go somewhere without a toilet. lol

  15. Dana15cool

    Hey I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️the SONG you used in this video can you please tell what song is playing (what's it's called and the artist please) Love your videos 😍

  16. Dana15cool

    Hey I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️the SONG you used in this video can you please tell what song is playing (what's it's called and the artist please) Love your videos 😍

  17. Norixciii

    In Italy, I went into a bus through the back and the ticket thing didn't work so I just had this unstamped ticket.. It was packed so I didn't go to the front to stamp it, so I just thought oh well I'll just get off on the next stop.
    Just my luck, the ticket check people came in the bus and started going through everyone. I thought it was going to be the end for me, but I just walked up to the guy with my ticket and told him in my tourist-y English that the machine didn't work, he told me to go to the front to stamp it in.

    But that wasn't the end! I had to make my way to the front of the bus and there was yet ANOTHER guy checking tickets! I quickly made my move to stamp my ticket when he wasn't looking, and then stood still not too far from the front and when the ticket guy in the front checked my ticket, it was stamped. Scary times

  18. Madeleine

    I know that this is a long time after this video, but I just wanted to share:
    Best: Walking through Barcelona and ending the day by watching the sunset on the beach 🙂
    Worst: Having a cold and migraine on a ten hour bus ride to Amsterdam. :/

  19. Tiny Em

    Worst: River raft trip in Thailand on my 21st birthday, we stopped off at this dead tree you could climb and jump into the river from. I'm scared on heights and the sensation of falling, but got talked into climbing the tree. I stood up there for 10 minutes crying my eyes out in front of my tour group then had to climb down. It was humiliating.

    Best: I spent my 21st in Thailand! First proper travelling experience, went solo but with a tour group and it was the best experience ever.

  20. Blythe Vrindavana

    Awesome video! But, whale sharks are definitely sharks 😉 Most shark species are pretty shy, even docile, even if they don't eat plankton. You'll discover that the more you dive. 😀

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