American Horror Story Coven Lookbook

Embrace your inner witch.
p.s. it looks a lot prettier if you watch it in high def, k cool.

edited: elena
filmed: elena & tessa

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38 Replies to “American Horror Story Coven Lookbook”

  1. TheBeautyCadet

    Omg 😍💀 Yessssss you guys killed it! Coven was one of my favorite seasons especially because of the style. Absolutely loved this! Just subscribed to you guys, hope you guys can stop by and return the favor on my channel. 🙂

  2. Jordan S

    OMG you have to tell me the tag name (brand) on that Misty inspired dress?! *Idk why everyone hated on Coven so much. I'm not a horror fan, so Coven was the only AHS I could actually watch. Some of it, anyway. I'm still not finished.

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