MAKATI PHILIPPINES TRAVEL VLOG | Manila, Philippines | Travel Vlog 028, 2017 | New Zealand Bound

This travel vlog is from Makati, it’s a really cool spot in Manila Philippines. The Philippines has been so incredible – today we explore the Makati area before we head back to New Zealand. We spend the day exploring the city and found an incredible cafe called Wildflour, it was off the charts amazing. Then we head home, but stay tuned, we head away in a few days to Australia and that series is just around the corner!

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We’re Dane & Stacey and we travel full time. Unlike most travel vloggers we move to a country for a few months and rent a villa or apartment. Our channel shows what it’s like to immerse into cultures by exploring, eating traditional cuisine and living a life similar to locals while still hunting out our western wants and needs!

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34 Replies to “MAKATI PHILIPPINES TRAVEL VLOG | Manila, Philippines | Travel Vlog 028, 2017 | New Zealand Bound”

  1. Daneger and Stacey

    🇵🇭 Watching in 2018? AWESOME NEWS! We came back to the Philippines and filmed another 20 vlogs – they're better in every way, way more cinematic, and you definitely have to check them out. Here's the playlist, thank you and enjoy ❤️

  2. Ross Antonio Jose ATIENZA

    Gotta agree on the safety part.
    Definitely unsafe, but it's the employers/contractors fault for not equipping their employees with harnesses.

  3. julie eiluj

    makati, BGC, pasay and marikina are way better than maynila the capital city.. maynila are worst in whole Manila..

  4. Giselle Palmares

    wow! so great to know that you enjoyed your travel here in the Philippines, also try to visit other places here in the Philippines, I'm sure you will enjoy and love the Philippines more

  5. Xherwud Pinkihan

    Welcome to the Philippines!..
    I hope your doing great! Mabuhay! thanks for exploring our beautiful country☺

  6. Icom

    Been binge watching your vlogs ever since I discovered it yesterday. I miss my home country so much. Makes me happy that you guys are enjoying your stay there. I’m also here in Auckland! Hello guys! 🇵🇭 🇳🇿

  7. Tony Phan

    Pretty amazing vlog! If you are coming on weekends next time, check out some weekend markets. Either Salcedo Saturday Market or Legaspi Sunday Market, you might get some great deals and good food : )

  8. Alex Man

    Stumbled on your videos because I'm booked to go at the end of 2018. Great videos!! Did you find Manila safe?

  9. Kervin Balanay

    Beautiful mate. Watching your videos just make me reminisce my time in Manila especially that firefly roofdeck from your hotel with such amazing views. I've been going back n forth for the past two years in Manila but I think you've been to more places than me. Haha. Can't wait to fly back again in two weeks! From Auckland too! 😀

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