Building with Hemp – An Incredible Natural Insulation & Sustainable Material

Anthony from Art du Chanvre has built over 45 houses using hempcrete as a natural and sustainable insulation material. Hempcrete is made with a mix of hemp hurd (fibre), hydraulic lime (binder), and water.

You can follow Anthony’s building projects and get in touch with him on Instagram, or on his website here:

Hempcrete is not load-bearing, but it does provide insulation, thermal mass, and it regulates temperature and humidity. The R-value of hempcrete is R-2.1 per inch.

Some other advantages of hempcrete is that it resists fire, mould, and vermin, and it eliminates the need for a vapour barrier and drywall (gypsum). Instead, you protect the hempcrete with natural lime plasters on the inside and on the outside of the building.

Using hemp is a sustainable building material because it is carbon negative (it stocks more carbon in the fibre of the plant than is used to grow, harvest, and process it).

We’re very excited to learn about new and innovative ways to use natural building materials in conventional construction projects.

Anthony says the cast-in-place construction method creates the highest quality of hempcrete, but pre-formed, pre-dried hempcrete blocks are more likely to allow hempcrete to go mainstream.

In case you missed it, Anthony references a Bob Marley song at the end of the interview, comparing the conventional construction industry to the big tree, and the natural building industry to the small axe that will cut it down:

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28 Replies to “Building with Hemp – An Incredible Natural Insulation & Sustainable Material”

  1. Gretchen Roper

    Why does every person who smokes weed think it’s the savior of the world? “Dude, did you hear the good benefits of (insert X product here)? It’s got hemp/weed/oil/whatever the #%^* in it…”

  2. toditron

    Very interesting material, thanks for posting this. …however: '…if they [oil industry] are the big tree, then we are the small axe.' …strange analogy for an environmentalist.

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