Ever since I cute my hair short, a lot of you were asking how I style it… I hope this helps 🙂
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30 Replies to “HOW I STYLE MY SHORT HAIR | Simple & Quick”

  1. siri H

    someone help me pleaase 😢 my hair NEVER curls. EVER! and I don't mean it doesn't hold the curls, I mean it doens't actually curl to begin with, no matter what I do, no matter how long I hold it around the curler it always comes out striaght. I don't know why or what I should do!

  2. Stephanie Farrugia

    What's the thickness of the tong that you use? My hair is just about as long as your and need to buy a tong for the curls as I'm currently just using the straightner and curling by using it.

  3. Mind.of.Lilly

    I will definitely try these out! But I have a (weird) question about the straight hair look: Whenever I leave my hair straight down and thus in my face on one side, the hair that's falling in my face gets greasy throughout the day (and also really quickly..). How do you prevent that? All the love from Germany <3

  4. Julissa Heesen

    Maybe a strange question, but how do you take care off your hair. That i doesnt get really dry and dead, so that you need to cut it. Because i see you curl of straighten your hair a lot. My hair grows really slow, so i always think i cant do curling or straightening that much (sorry for my terrible english)

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