PORT BARTON Booty Tour… I mean BOAT TOUR – Philippines Travel Vlog Ep 8 – Palawan Island Hopping

Port Barton, Palawan, Philippines is SO BEAUTIFUL! This place attracts much fewer tourists compared to other popular Palawan destinations like El Nido and Coron.

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42 Replies to “PORT BARTON Booty Tour… I mean BOAT TOUR – Philippines Travel Vlog Ep 8 – Palawan Island Hopping”

  1. Steve Yalo

    Hey guys!!! My goal is to reach 10k subs by the end of this month. You think we can do it?? Please help me out by sharing this video with your friends and family! THANKS!!! 🙂 <3

  2. wheres joanne

    Saw my name there 😂😂 you're close to 10k and then 20k. Keep exploring and sharing beautiful vids that will inspire others to travel as well.

  3. Riyi Punji

    Haha Steve you've been kicked by red horse beer! Famous local beer brand 🍺 and again awesome vid 💪💗✌

  4. JC Crisostomo

    amazing channel man! i just watched your all ph videos cant wait for the next one keep creating. MABUHAY! 🙂

  5. Kesan And Phame VENTURES

    Been on holiday.

    Let’s start again.
    1) sub
    2) comment on my video nice comment
    3) simple, u got urself a new sub

  6. Leafs Manboy

    Titled "booty tour" and we're gonna. We're gonna. We're gonna comments. Okay we get it. U guys did it!


    New subscribers here thanks for the video dude I love it it's beautiful place to have someone to relax with

  8. John Glenn Luween Gonzales

    Love your positivity man! Welcome to the philippines! And im a new subscriber! 👍

  9. maleman julpax

    My friend inherited that double island. I stayed there for a night. Snorkeling opposite the tower has better corals. 😁

  10. Jay Michael Selisana

    i think in palawan exposing a booty is now prohibit or shall we say forbidden, like wearing thongs..as far as i know in the philippine news..

  11. Wilzander Lumitap

    Hey Steve you are a cool guy man…I hope you enjoy your stay in the Philippines. Can't wait to go there too. Your pics and videos are awesome made me wanna quit my job and go to those beautiful destinations. Thanks for sharing have a wonderful day

  12. Lyka and Dom

    UhuHhu steve yalo i hope you notice us we are your subscribers but why we didnt seen it in the end of the video ? 😑

  13. Louis Gozum

    New sub ! Like ur vids man ! Welcome to the ph ! I sleep late last night bcoz of u ! Hahahah but i love alyana more .. 😂😅

  14. anson fletcher

    Hi there Steve new sub here love the vids have also watched you and the traveling clatt. I am going to the islands 2020 your philippines vid are just what i was looking for. I going solo so looking for hostels to stay in i like the look of the one you staying in keep up the great work man. Love from Scotland

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