Best Beer in San Francisco

Take a guided tour of the best beers in San Francisco with internet superstar Matt Galligan and our own Alex Hunter. Shot on location at the legendary City Beer Store in San Francisco and featuring beers from Altamont Beer Works, Pliny the Elder, and Lagunitas, to name a few.

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4 Replies to “Best Beer in San Francisco”

  1. vszasz

    While these are fine California beers, might have been better to focus on the microbrews in San Francisco proper.

  2. Alina C

    I enjoyed my trip to sf and was lucky enough to visit Russian river. One of the best breweries I've been too, the sampler itself is huge and the good was awesome! Not even as expensive as other Breweries either!

  3. Bluesbabesrv

    If you want to talk beer I think Portland, Oregon is an excellent choice. When are you coming? The family can meet up 🍻

  4. John Melville

    Man said go to Torando's on lower Haight the best Microbrew pub in SF. That small cramped and always lively. place is the best place to sample Norcal beer. The man with the beard knows his stuff.

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