Travel More, For Less Money: 7 Travel Hacks To Find Cheap Flights

Travel More, For Less Money: 7 Travel Hacks To Find Cheap Flights

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I like my travel time…a lot. But I don’t like spending too much cash on flights. it kind of kills the vacation vibe…a lot.

So here are my 7 travel hacks I use every time I’m looking at booking my flights. They work a treat in helping you get a great deal on your travel so you can spend more of your hard earned dollars on those margaritas 😉

I hope you enjoyed the video! Let me know where your next travel destination is or where your ultimate travel location is!

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Lots of love to you always.

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41 Replies to “Travel More, For Less Money: 7 Travel Hacks To Find Cheap Flights”

  1. Plant Prowess

    These are all great tips! I recently signed up for one of the flight email services and I have seen some crazy deals come through!

  2. Mach1048

    My next Holiday, in order of where I'm going: Melbourne (home) – London (Via 3 stops, because cheap) – Namur – Copenhagen – Stockholm – Notodden – Oslo – Iceland – London – Tokyo (Again, via 3 stops) – Home to Melbourne. And I fly out the 9th of Jan, so all of that off season money saved.

  3. Rukmani Sindhu Thangam

    ‘Be flexible’ lol try being brown and from a country that puts you through gruelling visa process to ANYWHERE. I wish I could travel all the time.

  4. Tiffany Tolley

    I studied abroad in Nice, France last summer and I was just offered a teaching assistant position for the same trip so I will be receiving a stipend to go!!! (aka I'm literally getting paid by my university to live my dream again) AHHHH I'M SO EXCITED!!

  5. Bella Houston

    In few days of working with spacewebexperts AT gmail DOT com my credit score has raised high enough to be able to qualify for a mortgage loan that I was not able to before. Besides that, he's so professional and friendly and easy to work with that it made the whole experience quite enjoyable. I have already recommended him to several people and all gave me positive replies

  6. Laura Ca

    I think you could still collect miles and point, depending on whatever you chose. I started collecting miles a few weeks ago and realized that I could still track the flights of the last six months. So this might be an option for you to start collecting as well

  7. Michelle Bellanova

    What are your tips for surviving long flights and not feeling so restless and icky? I can never sleep on planes, so I end up watching movies continuously and honestly it's just miserable. I know flying is such a small part of the amazing travel experience, but if there's anything to make the flights more manageable please let us know!
    Also, how do you travel so much and not get sick? We love you Sorelle!

  8. Lilo Ad

    I would never slow down the speed of any of your videos. We fell in love with your personality even before your content ❤️

  9. Mike Panic

    Two really key things here that will help you, for sure.

    1. Google Flights (, it seems no one really knows about this? If you're looking to fly and you know the dates / destinations head to Google Flights and look through their matrix, pick the one(s) that best suit you and at the very end, instead of booking click TRACK. This will setup an email alert to your Google account (everyone does use gmail, right?) so when the price goes up or down, you'll get a notification. I'll often setup multiple trackers if I really want to go somewhere and on specific flights. Huge time saver, huge money saver, plus it lets you get to see the ups and down of airport pricing.

    2. Credit card points are probably the easiest way to do this, and if anyone is interested in flying often, it's a huge savings. This is a referral link to the Chase card I have, it will get you 50,000 points if you spend $4,000 in the first 3 months (so really it's 54,000 points) – but this is where it gets really good. With Chase you earn 1 point per $1 spent and then Chase values 1 points at $0.01 in redemption, so that 54k points is worth $540 towards just about anything, BUT! Hold on there. If you book flights, hotels or rental cars with the Chase Ultimate Reward portal, they will give you a 25% bonus. So that $540 turns into $675 pretty quick. I pay everything I possibly can on a credit card, from health insurance bills, car insurance, grocery shopping, when I go out to eat with friends and we split the bill I'll ask them to give me cash or Venmo me their portion and put it all on my card, it works great!

    In September I flew from Newark, NJ to Amsterdam on an Icelandair flight that was $340, through Ultimate Reward it cost $272 worth of points, or 27,200 total points. From Amsterdam I flew to Prague for a week and the round trip flight on KLM was $100, but through Chase it only cost me 8,000 points, or the equivalent of $80. Total out of pocket cost for flights, $0.

  10. Mike Panic

    Left the previous comment before the video was over. Next trip is in just over a week:

    I live just outside Philadelphia… headed to

    1, London
    2, Paris
    3, Brighton
    4, Reykjavik (30 hour layover, already spent a week there this past January but the layover was required for the stupid cheap flight I booked)

    All that is happening over an 11 day period.

  11. Austill Bujo

    Taking our first vacation to Indonesia next September and doing lots of research in advance to make sure we have all the money and such we need to actually make it happen! So this was perfect! Thanks!!

  12. ti mou les twra

    Can only watch your videos at 0.75 speed, come on this isn't your normal speed talking definitely you are speeding up the video to make it more engaging ending up tiring

  13. Lesly Valencia

    Thanks for all this recomendations! Im goint to Central America, Mexico hopefully or maby i flight directly to Costa Rica 😀

  14. Liliana Maria

    I haven’t had a legit holiday in about 3 years but I’m considering flying to Barcelona next year. First time traveling alone, so scared

  15. a

    Going to Mexico for the first time in about three months. There was a sale for the airline and hopper said prices wouldn’t be cheaper so I just booked it LOL

  16. EarthTraveller1992

    And what about your carbon footprint? I'm travelling soon for 7m and I'm trying to limit my flying hours by getting the bus, train or take a ride. Do you have any tips for that or are you planning on using these methods? It would really help if digital nomads like you made travelling over land and water cool again! And hopefully they'll build more high speed trains in the future. 😎

  17. Noemi Mora

    I'm coming in Australia in January cause I want to make a little money (probably farm work so I can apply for a second working holiday visa) and then I'll be a backpacker in South East Asia. I'm a solo traveler for the moment but if anyone wants to join or even if you have any tips write me! Nice trip to everyone and thank you Sorelle, you rock

  18. Tyler Ecker

    Sorelle/comment section, i want to propose to my girlfriend in a foreign country, where do you recommend?

  19. lejaders

    Yeah, it was more then half the price to fly from New Delhi to Dubai and then to Istanbul then it was New Delhi straight to Istanbul. And then I scheduled myself a bit of a layover in Dubai for a couple of days. I also took a bus from London to Manchester so that I could fly from Manchester to Vancouver and save $500 on my flight.

  20. Maria A. Zeppeli

    Im going from Bulgaria to Florence but im thinking of flying to Milan and taking a bus from there. Its a lot cheaper and im so excited!!

  21. Sushi - Butt

    Since September I've been to Boston MA twice, NYC and I came back from Tampa FL a week ago I think?? My next trip is Denver CO in Jan! (:

  22. JoyfulSelah

    My brother has to move often for work and he’ll be in Spain… which is EXPENSIVE to get to but I haven’t seen him in so long. 😕 So, looking for tips to see if they help.

  23. michaeldc80able

    My next trip will be back to where I took my last trip, which is Bolzano Italy. I highly recommend it! I live near Seattle and flew to Heathrow, then to Venice, 3 days later took a train up to Bolzano and went hiking/climbing for a week. This next trip will include the north eastern region of Italy as well, Switzerland and France/Spain border.

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