MUST TRY FOOD IN VIETNAM – 3 BEST HOI AN RESTAURANTS | Vlog 078, 2017 | Hoi An Digital Nomad

We lived in Vietnam for 3 months staying in Hoi An. Want to know the best restaurants in Hoi An that aren’t over hyped? Want to know the best food to eat in Vietnam? In this travel video vlog we share the best food in Hoi An specifically but they’re meals you can get anywhere in Vietnam.

So if you’re wondering where to eat in Hoi An, no need to do a food tour, here’s our list:
– We rate Baby Mustard as the best restaurant in Hoi An – a great location away from the old town and the chaos, lovely owners, small operation and incredible food!

– Vys Market is 2nd – it’s the more expensive option but worth a look for the quality and the atmosphere!

– You cant go to Hoi An or Vietnam and not eat Banh Mi – it’s ridiculously cheap and incredibly tasty.

As we mention in the video, this is not an exhaustive list by any stretch. It’s our recommendations based on living in Vietnam for 3 months, along with our notable mentions for other things to try. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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28 Replies to “MUST TRY FOOD IN VIETNAM – 3 BEST HOI AN RESTAURANTS | Vlog 078, 2017 | Hoi An Digital Nomad”

  1. Tam Van

    Caramelized pork claypot (thit kho) and caramelized fish claypot (ca' kho) are super traditional Vietnamese dishes. Every Vietnamese chef of the household knows how to cook this right. I'm Vietnamese and I grow up eating them.

  2. b n

    I like the 1st restaurant (about 1:03 into the video). That food has to be fresh as they come, since they are literally picking the vegetables from the garden. The 3rd restaurant is the bomb – nice atmosphere and quiet with a variety of choices. BTW, what's up with the demolished rubbish? Are they planning to build something else in place of it? Oh! I love your videos.

  3. Graeme Hudson

    Just about to watch! Can’t wait to get over there in February, if you was there, but you won’t be! I’d gladly buy you a few beers!

  4. Anabellw0w

    Nice to see some fellow kiwis also traveling the world! Planning on heading to Vietnam in 6mths to teach English for a year. Look forward to watching more of your videos!

  5. Jupe367

    I did some research on that nice restaurant with the clay pot. The owner also owns the Cargo Club which is another restauant in Hoi An and I believe a cooking school. You may want to check it out.

  6. Thang Vo

    Hey guys love your channel. Actually, “thit suong kho” (pork clay pot) is a common Vietnamese dish. The burger to pho, meatloaf to claypot. Just for you to compare in terms of popularity. Looking forward to the next vid!

  7. Lianid Pastor-Anhalt

    I think This is the first time i watch your videos. And I got to say
    You guys are a increíble good looking HOT COUPLE! My God!!! ….. you guys are hot!

  8. festorfamine

    Thit Kho, or the clay pot dish is an adaptation of a Chinese dish. There's also a catfish version. Usually you don't need the sauce you were given, just use the gravy from the pot as your sauce. And next time ask for some fresh slices of cucumber and tomatoes it will balance out the saltiness of the dish.

    You don't see thit kho often in restaurant because it's usually a homecook dish. Most don't know this but Vietnamese restaurant food and home cook food are different. Homecook are usually much healthier, less complex, and easier to make. So restaurant dishes are usually those that are too complex, not cost effective, or too time consuming to make at home. I'm sure if you ask around you can get some local to cook homecook dishes for you, that way you'll get to taste dishes that you won't get in restaurant.

  9. Paul de Bie

    We really liked Baby Mustard although I had serious back pain and couldn't walk straight. The hard wooden chairs would have not been a problem otherwise, but it wasn't very comfortable with my sore back. The food however was absolutely great, as was the garden with all the vegatables. Be sure to visit.

  10. Banner Traveller

    Thanks so much for these beautiful videos. You are living the dream. I'm curious how at such a young age you are able to afford to travel all the time? Do you have an on-line business or something?

  11. J M0204

    Firstly, Congrats Dane & Stacey – your subscriber has doubled since this video!! woo hoo haha and secondly , luckily I was having Pho while watching this video.. but I paid $11 for it! grr I got ripped off haha – you guys paid half the price and got loads of food. Yum! thanks for the video 🙂

  12. The NYC Couple

    We're in Hoi An right now, so this video is perfect! Going to give your recommendations a try!! Hope you're enjoying the Philippines

  13. Lynne Brisco

    We love Hoi An been 4 times now, loved Baby Mustard visited here three years ago and couldn't wait to go back last year the food is delicious,Also we loved Bep 1919 and also one of our favorites is What Else nespresso in a courtyard over the Japanese Bridge.Kumquat too near to Baby Mustard.We stay at East West Villas which is on Cua Da road the staff are wonderful and the place is fantastic.Enjoyed the video on you tube

  14. Jason Gshwandtner

    Ate at Baby Mustard tonight. Incredible. Thank you for the recommendation. Amazing setting and delicious food.

  15. Laura Beadle

    Hey guys! Love your videos especially on Vietnam as I'm heading there in June. I have just found out I'm pregnant and was wondering if you think it would still be safe for me to go? I'll be 15 weeks and would just like to know from someone who has been there. (obviously won't be eating street food and only bottled water). Thanks heaps guys and stay safe x

  16. Coline Gracia

    Isn't hard to communicate vietnamese? Are they good in English? How about the mode of transportation is it easy?

  17. Robert Maddelena

    Hey guy's. Enjoyed the video.Good food choices,I would like as well. Now your in VN how do you like it compared to Thailand .Is visa runs different there. Bob from Florida

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