my current fall favorites

hey friends! here are a few things that I have been loving recently!
with love, @elenataber
Check out the (Express-o Scrub):
Ursa Major Deodorant:
Glossier Cloud Paint:
Phone Case:
You’re a Bad Ass:
It’s What I Do:
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49 Replies to “my current fall favorites”

  1. Kiara Madisen

    Elena I’ve been using the cloud paint in dusk for so long and it’s my absolute fav! I have to try and use it
    As an eye color! Loved this video so so much ❤️

  2. Margaret Haws

    Oh my goodness, my mom used to always play The Leader of the Pack when I was little and you described the genre perfectly. I didn't know it was a full genre though! How interesting!

  3. Ashley Russell

    I just saw Beautiful Boy yesterday and loved it!
    Definitely learned more about addiction and how much parents love their kids and that they'll go great lengths to help them.
    i also loved the music in the movie!
    ugh just everything about it was so good.

  4. ily

    wait, the colorful sweater I see hanging in the background is the ‘god is a woman’ one??
    never mind lmaooo
    I enjoyed this video a lot, you should do more of these!
    you are so beautiful omg, your hair is so on point in this video… and your eyes too ugh
    you’re such a blessing BYE

  5. Carla Casanovas

    Omg I need that phone case, when you’ve said the wallet being stuck at the bottom I was like yeap… literally me struggling haha 💕

  6. Delia Light

    you put up the names of different dead ditties and i realized ive heard literally all of them omg i didnt know there was a name for that genre

  7. Leslie Angela

    Hi Elena! Do you have a twitter? I also live in BK and am a freelance writer. Wanted to know if you ever wanted to meet up over coffee sometime ! 🙂 Lmk!

  8. Sofia Quintero

    pls do more of these videos bc this one was awesome!!! and pls do that other video about food in queens or food in general that would be a really cool video

  9. Sayje

    I didn’t know Ryan Gosling was the singer of Dead Man’s Bones and i have some of their songs downloaded wow

  10. Anais Knight

    Cool video 🌚🌸I really like this style of video and would love to see another in the future ☺️

  11. Larissa Teles Nonato da Silva

    Love your videos! But just a warning: if the card is magnetic or if the card has a chip, there is a possibility that the phone is going to burn the card if it keeps in contact with it. It happened to me with my bus pass and… it was not fun. Let's just say that getting a free pass again was a pain. Kisses from (deceased) Brazil.

  12. Rose Parak

    Hey Elena! Can you please explain what you meant about the 7 months to detox toxins ?? Im intruiged and interested! x

  13. Emily Storck

    Your music taste… deffo gonna look into that. And beautiful boy was amazing. Really made me feel for those people. I'm gonna read the memoir that the movie is based on soon

  14. Hope !

    i would love to see a video of where you discover different parts of ny! that would be amazing, as i am going to new york soon! i love your videos😉

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