I’m okay in Egypt, but…

This is why I disappeared from the internet for almost a month. Sorry.

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26 Replies to “I’m okay in Egypt, but…”

  1. Shehab Elbanna

    Its a confusing message, I wish he got your message , if he deserve someone like you, this is a very touching video and these words which mixed with a confused feels comes from a very deep place , u wish you are better and happy now and got what you deserve

  2. Mamdouh Tawadros

    Thank you for speaking highly of Egypt. But you have to stay longer before you decide to live in a country. I think your emotions are clouding your thoughts. Leave that decision for now, enjoy your stay but don’t commit to anything yet. You stayed in China for 6 months, and yet you left to another.

  3. ossa60

    omg…I almost vomited with this speech….are you some kinda libtard? you just leave the place, grow up and in a few years those feelings will be in the past as one more experience in your life. If then you really want to go backe, well, just do. But first you need to discipline your feelings, understand them, think, analize and grow up!

  4. Jack Poirier

    I love your wavy hair, but when you had it straight, it really changed your look. So beautiful. And those eyes!

    You're feelings are right, they're yours. Don't ever apologize.

  5. Jantine Stulp

    This girl is so naive.
    Egypt is nice, yeah, especially for tourists. Think about the politics, the living conditions of the majority of the people, nothing beautiful about that. If you come to Egypt as a western, beautiful girl, you will be treated as a goddess and suddenly you have dozens of friends. Look for people who genuinely love you, and not just your passport and money. I wish her all the best <3

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