Gili T Indonesia with Lost LeBlanc + whatthechic 🇮🇩 Turning Strangers into Friends TRAVEL VLOG

Turning strangers into friends
Gili Trawangan Island Indonesia Travel Vlog
with Losteleblanc:

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42 Replies to “Gili T Indonesia with Lost LeBlanc + whatthechic 🇮🇩 Turning Strangers into Friends TRAVEL VLOG”

  1. Paul Mabborang

    Awesome video, Steve! I’m from the Philippines and I just started vlogging. I’ve watched more or less all of your Philippines vlogs. It would mean so much to me if you go check out one of my travel videos and suggest how I can improve more. I know this is a lot to ask but it’s worth a shot 😁 One more thing, how do you do that “let’s fly” (transition to drone shots… it’s like a supped up zoom out transition)? Cheers!

  2. Geezy Squeezy

    Nice video and editing work. The 'Gilis' are most def on my travel list. Curious as to why I'm seeing more colab's with other vloggers in SEA (all the boys in the Philippines recently went on a big trip together), care to share why?

  3. Dindo Del Mar

    STEVE your w/ Christian hes a good friend of Wil Dasovich and some filipino vlogger what a nice places he recommend …..

  4. Pocket Trailblazer

    Do you know why I LOVE your vlogs Steve…. not only coz you are obviously awesome and a great story teller but you actually know WHEN to use your drone – not just ALL THE TIME!!! PS Joss cam…… BOOM!

  5. mark remarkable

    Another awesome video.. I ,over your channel and your style and personality.. I think you channel will or at least should blow up with 100k subs soon. Keep the videos coming

  6. Carl Schmidt

    Hello there Steve!! New subscriber here… When I watched a single video of you in the Philippines, I got hooked and watched your entire adventure in the Philippines in one sitting!! Hahahha are you coming back?

  7. Andrew Yalo

    I agree with everyone in the comments. This is definitely one of your best vids to date. Great job brother👍🏻

  8. Just_kieding

    Awesome that’s it’s been a year of travel! I started following you when you first arrived in Thailand. Keep up the good work!

  9. Roxanne Gem Lorenzo

    Christian is a friend of Wil Dasovich from the phil. 🙂 I'm stoke to see you guys together. 💪

  10. Adam – Citizens of Everywhere

    This is SO dope! You guys are a massive power group running Gili T – what a video! The villa looked so cool, loved the drone shots of the tortoise into the underwater shots. Also, the entire underwater snorkeling montage was awesome, all the fish and the crash site… All of it dude, so good. Keep up the awesome work!

  11. Lauren Aida

    😂😂😂I was not prepared for that Austin Powers clip. I'm so glad you got to do this! It looks like it was an amazing time!

  12. Phnom Penh Travel Cambodia

    One year down the road…congrats! I started 40 years ago and still on fire. Life is short, but I ain't no midget! Love the vibes and looking forward to more more more…..😉😉😉

    Vote Steve Yalo for president of the world.

  13. The Everlasting Adventure

    WOW! You are so lucky you got to hang out with Christian and Katy!! The villa looks amazing!! You make us laugh so much with your one liners haha! Your biker gang name should be Vlogcipede haha!!! Lets get JOSSED UP 😂! Your drone footage is amazing too. Great video can't wait for the next one!!

  14. Supriyo Ghosh

    Hey Steve what are great content in your videos full of life, one request to you never change your style of vloggin

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