Beautiful DIY Tiny House Build with Massive Custom Patio Door – Full Tour

We saw this DIY off grid tiny house on wheels by the side of the road on our way to PEI for a mini vacation (first one in a long time!). We fell in love with it and had to pull over to film a quick video about it.

We love the garage door wall in the living room that connects the indoor and outdoor spaces, and we love that it’s designed to be completely off-grid with stainless steel water and greywater tanks, a Sun-Mar composting toilet, and propane for heat and hot water. It’s ready to be hooked up to solar panels, too.

This tiny house is for sale in Port Joli, Quebec, Canada for $57,000 CAD (negotiable). For more info, check out the Kijiji ad here:

You can also email Jean at:

The micro cabin was built on a 3-axle trailer measuring 28 feet long by 8 1/2 feet wide, for a total of 238 square feet.

We had a great afternoon chatting with Jean and his wife Lucie on a beautiful sunny day and it was neat to see how many neighbours and passersby were curious about the tiny house.

They had originally planned to use it as an off-grid cottage but ended up buying a home with a river view instead, which is why they’re now selling the tiny house.

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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40 Replies to “Beautiful DIY Tiny House Build with Massive Custom Patio Door – Full Tour”

  1. ray bon

    The T H movement is not for me. Because of its size. I still believe strongly that's there cheap 2000 square ft living somewhere….Lloll. But I believe inaffordable living less. So I loosely support the TH movement. Because I'm more against costly living.

  2. godfatherNYC

    I do like it, but I think nice large double doors that swing outward would be much better. They would save all of the space that garage door takes up inside with the tracks, and the door itself when open.

  3. Matthew Hurlbut

    I like the ideas, a very simple layout. The garage door is a neat feature and would definitely be nice if you could have some sort of sun-room screened in option with a deck. To get that much breeze into your house would be amazing especially for such a small space.

  4. Jesper Andersen

    if they stripped the inside then yes, swap that garage door for some french doors opening out in full glass, for a better insulated solution that don't remove your choice of having hanging lamps 100% and is great looking while both open and closed

  5. B G

    Great video-and the stabilizer is winderful! Love the garage door- though it would get pretty darn cold in there without some kind of seal and insulation for winter. It would be helpful to see an actual person in the bedroom space (a person who has also been shown in the other spaces) and a longer shot of the storage areas. Thanks for making these! Some wonderful ideas.

  6. Larry Markham

    A double French door yes sliding glass door even Maybe but a garage door definitely is going to leak cold air during the winter and probably let bugs in seeings they don't close tightly.

  7. yelloworangered

    It's so funny. I find the bare wood interiors so depressing. My feeling is that the people can't afford paint. I know that's not correct, but personal taste is always amusing to me. Some people run to a thing, others run away. 🙂

  8. Well possibly

    Nice tiny house, but what's the liability on installing a *deadly Carbon Monoxide* producing stove without the required exhaust hood?

    C0 detectors:  Many fail to sound.  Made to sound an alarm after such a longtime anyway, so they might not save your life even if working properly.

    You might want to read:

    "Consumer Reports warns of ineffective carbon monoxide detectorsThe magazine found three detectors that failed critical tests"

    Remember, it's called the silent killer.

    It has no taste, scent, or color.

    People think they are ill with the flu, so they go to be to sleep it off.  Perhaps never waking again.

    Stay safe and enjoy life!

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