Attaché Travels – Part 2 Oslo on a 1-month old airplane

You asked, so here we go! Part 2 of Attaché Travels, this time it’s Oslo via Helsinki on a 1-month old Finnair A350.

I take you inside the Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge, show you a beer brewed especially for 30,000 ft, and take you backstage at one of my speaking gigs in Oslo’s Folkteatret.

Dig it? Let me know, I’ll do some more.

Music by Joakim Karud

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30 Replies to “Attaché Travels – Part 2 Oslo on a 1-month old airplane”

  1. Eric Chandra

    Hey! love your videos! I think it would be really cool if you guys did a video on a cruise ship! Maybe.. Royal Carribean Ovation of the Seas? Keep up the good work.

  2. Lucas M

    Hi Alex – thanks for sharing this video. I wish you would do more. Besides Rick Steves, you are my other favorite travel guru. Plus, it helps that you are so easy on the eyes. By the way, I think that the cinnamon swirl was still expensive – $4.00 USD. Thanks again! And best of luck!

  3. Wass im

    I like this new format. But I hope the traditional format won't disappear as well 🙂 thanks for the hard work and best of luck.

  4. Extreme Last

    @Attache or @AlexHunter I was wondering if your still be doing the travel guides like you were supposed to do during season 1 and 2, are you still doing that for the upcoming episode of this channel? cause if you dont, well that's fine. well if its yes, then i wanna request you to feature the city of Seoul, its a great and modern city you'll never get dissapointed and by the way, your handsome and cute….

  5. sameh hassan

    Have you been to sharm El sheikh / Hurghada , Redsea is one the most outstanding places in the world unfortunately it doesn't have the right management to be shown properly to the world and the restrictions that applied currently is totally unfair but I totally recommend you to give them a visit !!

  6. Paul Jakubowski

    Hello! The format is great. Thoroughly enjoyed it, especially your frank talk about not eating in the hotel, get out, find something good/terrible. Seemed more genuine, less scripted than the other format. However, your highly produced format is wonderful content and why I subbed in the first place. Bottom line, keep it all up! I'm a fan.

  7. Jonathan Thomas

    Please continue making awesome travel videos like these, they're as enjoyable as the city guides. Great work! Thanks!

  8. Shanyi Alexander

    Yes please. More content and the link to the conferences that you are speaking at. Alex is adorable.

  9. Hans Andrias Gregoriussen

    I can't get enough of your videos 🙂 Question: What education have you been studying in order to travel so much?

  10. J_El_Rey

    Just subscribed! Amazing video quality and hopefully you grow more! Definitely will wait patiently for next Video 🙂

  11. simon wang

    Love the videos, but curious about the routes you picked. Was it more convenient to fly to Leeds rather than take a train? Was Oslo via Helsinki the best route for you? I'm just surprised because there must be lots of direct flights, and since you were flying first/ business class, cost doesn't seem to be an issue.

  12. Ibai Valente

    This new format is pretty cool! I hope you keep working on this. Great videos, regards from the Basque Country

  13. Naoual G

    Alex…we traveled with AA for our honeymoon..MAJOR mistake..Hawaii was amazing…AA not so much!!!! never ever travel with them.We are use to AC and there outstanding J class service. Can you believe they dont have personnal tv's(Whaaaaaaat) even in J ?

  14. ReluctantTraveller

    Right. Well I liked this – although I don't know what it really was. I don't know where this format goes…. I'm sure you do though. Having said that, you are a natural presenter and I would probably watch you read the phone book.

  15. Rob G

    Hey Alex, you should make more of these, its good to see you nerd-out over airplanes & Airports. It's also fun to see the actual TRAVELLING. Not just the destination.

    Cheers man

  16. Nicholas Jones

    Great job, Alex. It's been a while since you initiated this experiment. I hope you'll revisit it soon. Always love the content you guys put out.

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