Awesome Great Barrier Reef!

I’m sure that you are already aware of this but… the Great Barrier Reef is amazing! I took a boat out from Cairns, did 2 dives (my first ever!) and some snorkeling. So glad that I got the opportunity to do this bucketlist adventure!
I also talk about the price that I paid for the reef tour and what it included, and about what my experience was – especially as a first-time diver. Hope that it helps!

NOTES about the filming –
– Sorry about the lines and… stuff… on my face. *shrug* Oh well! 😛
– The colors of the reef are very hard to bring out on the GoPro footage, mainly because deeper under the water, there isn’t as much light. I tried to edit it to bring out more color, but it’s even more vibrant in real life!
– Sorry if the GoPro footage is shaky in some parts!

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30 Replies to “Awesome Great Barrier Reef!”

  1. Nimbus 2000

    I find it a bit insensitive that you don't even speak about the fact that the GBR, and reefs all over the world, are dying. I understand that it must be an amazing experience, but have a bit of respect for the nature you're admiring, please. You're quite literally destroying it by gawking at it.

  2. The NYC Couple

    The fish and corals looked amazing! We went snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef up in Port Douglas a few weeks ago and it was pretty amazing too! We want to try scuba tho 🙂

  3. An Archy

    Hawaii is trying to get SUNSCREEN banned from the beaches because scientist have shown it to cause coral bleaching and death, not to mention monsantos round up weed killer or aluminium from Chem trails. WAKE UP kiddies the climate hoax will ruin your future based on political consensus, not science. Co2 is good for you, it's not poison it's an essential element for life on earth to thrive, and it represents only .004% of the atmosphere, how can it cause climate to change? Water is about 89% of the atmosphere, shall we have a war on water next. You climate change hoaxers should be ashamed of yourself for leading our children down the wrong path for the sake of the joooz agenda. Wake up to the FACTS

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