20 Replies to “Minimalist Full Time Traveller Clothing Haul: What’s In The Wardrobe of a Digital Nomad?”

  1. Dana Dzurko

    Definitely inspiring and freeing. A balance in all things is so important. I love your bracelet. Did you make it? ☮💚😁

  2. Pine Trees

    I’m not even a minimalist and you’ve got way more than me in shoes and clothes department girl haha, it shows that you can make it work though which is awesome for travel and my fave piece of yours is that plaid dress and the second bikin 😍🤙🏽

  3. Young N

    5:30 : Check out Hoalen! It’s a small brand that’s super high quality. My sister has a hoodie of theirs which is still intact after 10 years and my mother has a hoodie that’s still in great condition after 15+ years. My mother also has a ton of their tshirts that easily survive years of daily abuse with sun and salt water.

  4. Andrea Garamvölgyi

    You are Unbelievable! I found you while I was looking for bujo videos, and here you are, talking about minimalism and ethical fashion, and there are many other topics I was searching and reading for a while now, and you give me EVERYTHING. I am a fan. I love you.

  5. Mezzana

    Thank you for this video.

    I don't travel these days so much. I have steady home, so I can afford to have lots of clothes. To be honest, for me it was quite a challenge allowing myself to have more clothes. But nowadays I focus (as you mention) for quality pieces that suits me well. I liked that all your clothes you showed suited you well!

  6. Carola in Paris

    That second pant, the blue one, works so well on you. Could you do an updated version of what made it into 2019?

  7. It's Meli's Youtube

    It might all have gone down the drain when we started prioritizing cheap prices before good quality 🙂 (I'M GUILTY OF THIS) I had a wardrobe clean out two days ago and STILL feel like I have too much (I do live in a country with pretty drastic seasons though, so I need a winter wardrobe and a summer wardrobe) This comment turned into rambling xD Love your work, YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRING WOMAN!

  8. Daria Lane

    Omg!!! See you for the first time, and I LOVE YOU!!! You are so AMAZING!! Thank you for your honesty and all your vibes! So inspiring! Good luck in everything! Peace !:))))

    P.s: sorry, english isn't my first lang ^.^

  9. K8EE00

    I get your reasoning behind not sharing where you purchase clothing, it makes a lot of sense. But if you feel like sharing any tips, I'd love a hint! I'm trying to be more conscious about the things I purchase, and am mostly lost. I hate online shopping, and it seems online brands are the only things recommended for sustainable choices

  10. Lila Alejandra

    Hey, I want that bumbag!! It's so cute. So if you're getting rid of it, can I have it? If not, where can I buy it? I really liked it

  11. Hanorah

    Where do you find little tops like the strappy one around 5:30?! I’ve been seeking things like this for ages and can’t find anything high quality. I’m heading towards minimalism and i want to have a wardrobe i LOVE and i am currently replacing things

  12. Karolina Dubiel

    Hahah you're so funny and retarded in a positive way
    This video actually made me realize that I DO OWN TOO MANY THINGS, I don't even know why.
    I love this channel! So full of positive vibes

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