31 Replies to “Eating Vegemite CORRECTLY! (Mini Vlog)”

  1. Protocol Officer

    The first time you tried it showed you both to be inborn hillbillies who've never been further than a mile from their birth area. Then you show it again! 😱 In your case travel certainly has not broadened your mind as you are still very negatively opinionated and a real turn-off. Go home and stay there, pleeeeeze!

  2. Driver6M

    Well done Nate for giving Vegemite another try! By the way Vegemite isn't real food, it's just a secrete way for us to torture foreigners when they visit XD

  3. robin wong

    2:1 butter to vegemite is good for beginners. who eats peanut and jelly anyway exept for 150 pound … ?

  4. Harambe the Gorilla

    I haven't tried Vehemite, but I've tried Marmite (which, as far as I know, is pretty much the same) the right way and I literally gagged. It's the most disgusting thing I can imagine, and I've tried fermented shark meat. Marmite tastes like a combination of beer, dog food and Worchestershire sauce.

  5. Andrew Christiansen

    The first time I ate vegemite, I didn't eat it "correctly" too. But I didn't find it bad at all. Nothing great but not bad either. I've tasted worse. I had a harder time trying durian for the first time. But I fell in love with it. Can't say the same for vegemite.

  6. Mandy Betts

    well done nate and kara very brave i still don't like vegie mite i take my hat offf to u guys well done

  7. Longhorns

    lmao I guess I'll have to give it another try, first time I tried it was around 1994 at the RAF chow hall in Townsville Queensland, no aussie around to explain how to eat it correctly, I just put a small dab on my finger and it was the worst ever

  8. Mark Evans

    The English version Marmite is a lot nicer! There advertising slogan is "You either love it or Hate it!" there is no sitting on the fence in the UK it's one or the other!

  9. Bishop J

    This played after yours and these two young girls decided to try some different foods. One of the ones they tried was a British form called Marmite. It' a hoot.

  10. Private User

    you can also try using olive oil instead of the butter, the toast stays crispy instead of going soggy and it's much healthier.. enjoy my little vegemites! 🙂

  11. FireCracker3240

    I just… I just will never understand it. Why? Why would you take a perfectly delicious piece of toast and smear brown sour goo on it? Whyyy? It's just… awful. Sorry, guys. I love my Aussie friends but this is just so no bueno.

  12. Geraldine Penaflorida

    Vegemite, Marmite.. I've had them both & will still have them. Don't really need toast, regular bread's fine tho I do like lots of butter, a thin layer of Vegemite/Marmite and… thinly sliced cucumber! So good! They're both great stirred into plain congee/porridge too, I reckon.

  13. Made In Aotearoa NZ

    Marmite & Vegemite are both yuck 😂😂😂 here's a tip from Nigella I learnt. You take a little bit of vegemite & mix it with softened butter & then spread it on your bread. It is delicious!! The only way to eat it!

  14. Alison Withford

    How to try Vegemite
    1. Slightly toast a piece of bread 🍞
    2. When done spread A LOT of butter on the warm bread
    3. Let the butter melt into the bread 🥖
    4. Spread a thin layer of vegemite
    5. And enjoy 😋🎉🤗

  15. AussieTV

    A jar should last a few months if you only use it sparingly. I actually prefer promite to vegemite as it has more flavour.

  16. Tracey sometimes

    Marmite and crisps sandwiches with lots of butter.
    Marmite and cheese marmite and lettuce, marmite and walnuts all tasty sandwhiches

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