How NASCAR Changed The Fashion Industry

NASCAR became an influential part of fashion starting in the early 2000’s. Today, the moto jackets and loud prints are more popular than ever and seen on models and celebrities.
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This year I had the oppurtunity to work with NASCAR and learn more about the sport. I was amazed by the athleticism and skill involved with car racing. After attending my first race, I came back home and realized NASCAR and car racing has influenced fashion. The racing stripes, checkered print, thick leather textures, and loud sponsored prints can be seen all over your mall once you have an eye for it!

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30 Replies to “How NASCAR Changed The Fashion Industry”

  1. Jessica Sexton

    I have been an Earnhardt senior fan since I was a child…..cried like I knew him personally when he died!!!!

  2. Μαρίνα Χρύσα Τσιάτσου

    Ok, just started watching your videos and i love your livestyle and honest. Also the fact that you are so modest, even though you seem to many lotsa money. Do you label yourself as a youtuber/vlogger i guess ( though i have labels, they are kinda necessary sometimes), BUT what type of vlogger? Your interests go from styling and fashion to travelling… I am confused!

  3. Paige Bartlett

    This is really cool and educational. Made me really think, I never noticed or even thought about how these pieces of clothing related to.. anything.. let alone car racing! super cool 🙂

  4. Savannahcard

    So I always watch your videos and I thought I was subscribed because I’ve been watching you for a while. Than come to find out I haven’t subscribed yet, and I’m just like wooooww I’ve been watching her and haven’t subscribed 😭😂😂

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