I’m Back! Millennial Life Crisis Ep. 3

Here is what I’ve been up to for the month of June/July 2018!
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It’s summer! My favorite time of the year. Seriously this is when I thrive the most. I can’t believe we are already halfway through it. In todays Millennial Life Crisis I’m catching you up on the last month that I have been MIA from vlogs! In the last month I have moved from my old place to a new place, and moved into my office space! I’m so excited for what is to come in this creative new space. I also traveled to Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, and Idaho for summer vacations with my boyfriend and family!

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My Millennial Life Crisis was started 3 years ago when I was stuck in a rut creatively, career wise, and personally. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, I wasn’t happy with where I was living, and I didn’t feel like I had much of a support system. That is how the Millennial Life Crisis series was born. It was a way for me to let go of my feelings and document my personal growth. Along the way I have found that a lot of you have related with this feeling, that is why I keep vlogging. From now on you can expect weekly Millennial Life Crisis episodes about my life, growing up, career growth, trying new things, friendships, relationships, family, and travels.

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47 Replies to “I’m Back! Millennial Life Crisis Ep. 3”

  1. Vanessa Oelmann

    Love your new style!! I looooove your hair, make up and especially your outfit!! <3 in Germany we say clothes make people and thats so true, you look so awesome and professional girl <3

  2. Kat Marie

    i'm so gld you're back! i really like the way you edited this vlog- i love the narration mixed with a bunch of different clips. just a small suggestion- you should update the about tab on this channel!

  3. Hannah Barham

    I am always mistaken for a secondary school/college student when in fact I have just graduated University and it means no one trusts me when they come to me for treatment which really impacts upon my practice

  4. c Alexis

    I am a school counseling intern this semester of grad school and I have to intern in a high school. I'm 24 and I look like im 19… so my professors all sat me down and told me I have to over dress because I look like a high schooler. I had to buy a completely new wardrobe so I can totally relate. But it's also exciting.

  5. Ashton Hardy

    That's so exciting about an office space, congrats! Excited to see what adventures and opportunities come for you, glad you're doing well. Intrigued about this interior design scam story as well.

  6. Karlo Sta. Cruz

    awh monica you definitely can notice these changes you've made to your life, now a sophisticated young woman!

  7. Anísio Vaz

    Are you serious? Really? Clothes won't do it. What will affect is your state of being. Believe me, you won't like having a crappy one. But there is a way for people to take you seriously. Set boundaries. Make sure they are the healthy ones. It all depends on how you present yourself, firm, assertive and secure of yourself. It's just a perspective of a Native-Afrikan.
    Do as you wish. Use the tool or discard it.

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