I Got Hurt Visiting the Gili Islands

While waiting for the boat to Gili, I saw a lot of people coming back injured. Well, I came back as one of them.

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31 Replies to “I Got Hurt Visiting the Gili Islands”

  1. deeavv

    My husband ended up in the hospital in Hawaii due to sea urchin. We were send back to the resort to soak the foot in warm vinegar . We kept his foot in a bag in vinegar and in two days it was completely dissolved and he had no issues walking.

  2. nishant pant

    the video is amazing your hubby Livio was eating the cream from the cookie like the kid , i still eat the same way . Livio looks amazing and he is very handsome . my only request please come to india once and when you are coming please do inform me i will be your guiding light in delhi . i assure you will not face a single issue the way it happened . if you wish you and your hubby can stay in touch with me , my email id is npant27@yahoo.co.in . tc , by the way music selected for your video is also soothing .

  3. shiva chalise

    You are absolutely gorgeous😍😍 have you eve been to Nepal ?? You should visit once if you haven't been there before. Beautiful place beautiful country beautiful people.

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