Krabi Thailand Travel Vlog – Ko Klang Village – Islanda Hideaway Resort – Southeast Asia

My 8-month backpacking journey around Southeast Asia is coming to an end and I’m glad I get to spend some of my last days at this BEAUTIFUL resort on Ko Klang Island near Krabi, Thailand.

Special thanks to Islanda Hideaway Resort for their wonderful hospitality. Visit their website here:

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29 Replies to “Krabi Thailand Travel Vlog – Ko Klang Village – Islanda Hideaway Resort – Southeast Asia”

  1. Omari Joseph

    Hello Yalo..very sexy you arrive they give you food..SERVICE BABY…open door bathroom..hopefully a good breeze will carry the smells or noises..hahahaa…the portions for the meal look generous..i think a little hair trip ya need (TEASE)..very cultural tour…see you soon

  2. Dragon Warrior

    Love the videos like always, just saw you yesterday on a red bull poster at my colledge in Croatia so this video came at the right time. Cant wait to see your trip to Philippines as I am also planning a travel there. Keep up the good work man 🙂

  3. The World n Us

    Enjoy the next couple of months back home.  The vlogs I've watched from this trip have been top notch.  I promise I'll get the ones I've missed eventually 😉. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in the Philippines.  I lived there for 6 months a few years back.  It's an amazing country with beautiful people.  You'll love it!

  4. Nikki Cameron

    I am excited for the Philippines, I really enjoy watching your vlogs! I am not sure about the tour you went on in this vlog, it didn't seem very genuine, more of a gimmick tour, but I can imagine it's interest to other tourists that are after something a little more commercial. Top job either way, I look forward to your next one… enjoy your shopping

  5. xxxxx

    What's not to love about you or your video man…you are always so up beat and you man…keep doing what your doing…it's amazing..brings a huge smile on my face…cheers

  6. Stu’s Reviews

    Hi Steve, saw your post on the couchsurf website 👍. Just wondering how you found taking your drone into Asia? I’m taking part in a race next month from Hong Kong to Singapore, so I’m considering taking my drone, but unsure about the laws/practicality about getting it into those countries! Any tips?

  7. Bspontaneous 86

    i like your style steve, you should have many more followers! i love to make videos and take pictures of my travels but i dont quite have your talent i havent uploaded alot of it but i do have an instagram account bspontaneous86 check me out! ive been as far as jordan in the middle east, but my first love is the western USA! been to 14 states so far be awesome to see u on the road i like your energy and look forward to watching more of your content

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