Just touched down in London Town! Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and a bunch of other touristy things.
Sick day trip before we Get Lost in Romania.

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August 2, 2016

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Lofticries – Purity Ring
Esta – Sam Smith Flip
K4 – Sand
My Essential Equipment:

Canon G7X (Vlog Camera)
Panasonic GH4 (Cinematic Camera)
GH4 lens 14-140mm (Best Zoom Range)
Phantom 3 Standard (Drone)
Gear Bag (Drone/Camera/Laptop Backpack)
GoPro Hero 4 Silver (old vlogging camera)

Often Used Extras:
External Hard Drive (2TB for lots of files)
Canon and Panasonic Memory Card
Portrait Lens for GH4
Hero 4 Black (more powerful GoPro)
GorillaPod (tripod for GH4 & G7X)
Backpackers Backpack (Amazing Bag)
-What camera do you use? All gear is listed just above!
-What do you use to edit your videos? FCPX

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30 Replies to “LOST IN LONDON 🇬🇧”

  1. Sommatore Nero

    Gave him the finger at 5:03?? How uncouth! No chance of seeing Big Ben in person….it's a bell. The Great Westminster Clock has four faces rather than two. If buying items at an airport, or any place where tourists congregate, then it's going to be very expensive. Everyone and his dog knows that! When in the vicinty of Buckingham Palace, I hope you took note of the Canada Gate entrance to the Green Park. Just on the other side of the gate is the Canadain War Memorial.

  2. Sarah Reyy

    Was just in London a week or so ago and watching this- crazy I happened to go into the admiralty as well! It was a great spot!

  3. sirderam1

    The Prime Minister lives at number 10. I think the policemen would probably have told you that alright. It's not exactly a state secret! LOL!

  4. Rick Ruehl

    Great to see that odd cable costing so much. Why not use a standard cable microusb. $3 US
    Guess this is a year old video. Love the video. Great edit and information.


    Could have got a cable from any cheap £1 store, it would probably last a month before it broke but saves a lot of money

  6. Elliott Keightley

    you said the UK is expensive, if you buy anything from a train station, airport big shopping centre shop etc it’s going to be allot more than a standard supermarket such as Tesco 👍🏼

  7. Julie Flestado

    I have always wanted to travel to london as most of my friends work and live there but it could be expensive given that I live at the land down under. So I guess I shall start in southeast asia as how you suggested on your other vlogs 🙂

  8. Ally

    You bought your cable at a train station – of course it was expensive!! It's like buying a bottle of water at a festival, it doesn't reflect typical prices. Pop down to Argos lad. Better yet, find yourself a Wilko. And the gents working in the underground (not the metro) will help you get anywhere you want to go if you ask them and will see you get on the right tube 🙂

  9. Justina Angela 17 Angel Eva

    I love Canada so much Canada more beautiful country with natural cenery specialy with appel leaf

  10. Anthony Keaveney

    Dead easy to get into the country if you're an illegal. ……..and they'll give you free accommodation

  11. ramsey sixthreethree

    just avoid all the suburbs which are populated by blacks and muslims which sadly in london is the majority so be careful

  12. Vladimir Vladimirov

    Those central parts look nice. But the residential buildings are sad. Looks like a depressing.

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