15 Minute Look for School and Work (Makeup, Hair, Outfit)

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Hey friends! I know you all are so busy this Christmas season so I figured I’d put together a quick look to help streamline your mornings!
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Origins Anti-Aging Serum:
Glossier Moisturizer:
NV Foundation:
Anastasia Bronzer:
Glosier Blush:
Ofra Highliter:
Lime Crime Brows:
Urban Decay Primer:
Glossier Lidstar:
Lancome Mascara:
Lancome Setting Spray:

Budweiser Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: J Brand
Jacket: Arrivals
cheaper option:
Jewelry: Mejuri and Olivia Burton
Shoes: Dr. Martens
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how old are you? 22
how tall are you? 6’0″
vlog camera:
editing: adobe premiere
current sub: 256k

For Business Inquiries: elenataberyt@gmail.com

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28 Replies to “15 Minute Look for School and Work (Makeup, Hair, Outfit)”

  1. Julianna Svishchuk

    It can definitely be too early to use Anti-Aging products! As a medical student – this is something that is so often addressed! Please be careful!

  2. Anicia Reynoso

    hi elena, i am in love with your videos, your personality, and on top of that, your style!! i was wondering if you could do a closet tour or clothing essentials video? i’m trying to be more minimalistic but i’m not quite sure where to start. have a great day xx

  3. Emilyn

    i'm so in love with your hair!! could you give tips on how to get hair to look so alive and plump(? i couldn't think of a better word lol)

  4. Robyn McCarthy

    No lipstick? That's the one makeup I always wear, and sometimes that's all I wear. I loved your necklace (s)? And your Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club top. Where did you get them? I enjoy your videos (even though I am 67 years old!)

  5. Robyn McCarthy

    And can I assume your jacket is vegan leather? But no judgement here. I have leather furniture that we have had since before I became vegan.

  6. Mallery Zion

    I'm liking the pattern of trying to get as many greetings in the beginning of the video as possible, haha😄

  7. M. Addams

    Been catchin up on your vids and these cameo touches of Her's are awesome. I just saw them in SF earlier this month, they were so chill and amazing ☺️

  8. XoEva

    I love your style so much! Would love to live in New York one day! Do you have any particular spots that you love ? E.g. Cute café’s or parks?☺️☺️

  9. Gabriella Albarracin

    would love to see a how you edit your videos/thumbnails!! i really need to know how you did that edit for the intro 🤩💖

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