Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro! The second video of the Tanzania documentary travel series. In this video I set off on a 9 day trek to summit Mount Kilimanjaro.

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  1. Garrett

    Awesome video, but your edits confused me at times haha. First you cut yourself off when you were talking about what the locals say about white people , then at 5:33 the tent smells like .. haha. Why

  2. David Isaac

    Do u do real estate vids too or is that someone else? (Was thinking ur same guy doing hi-end condo vids)

  3. Gabriella Brazinski

    I am / was the youngest person to hike part of Kili, its in the book there, dont know if i still am or not tho

  4. LordArioh

    I bet I could do that in half the time. 4 hours took me 6km Yoshida trail on Mt. Fuji, and 2 hours 10km trail on Hallasan. But I hike in Norway all my life.

  5. Tom T

    You forgot to take wide screen TV. 20 people caring stuff for 5 people that is fuckin pathetic. Carry your stuff yourself, reach summit then you mean something. Not like that.

  6. Val T

    The Nepal Gov't should learn from the Tanzania Gov't and create a law similar to this (when climbing Mount Everest) to protect their Sherpas and their community.

  7. Michelle Poletti

    hey guys I take landscape photos and I actually got inspired by this guy. anyways, let's be friends @9canyons. I'm always looking for people to travel with so hit me up.

  8. Micha Jordan

    look at this shit, proper first world tourist staying in a fancy hotel that drains local resources. Its admirable to make the climb but the method annoys me

  9. Space Goblin

    I keep watching all these travel videos on YouTube by people and I’m just wondering how on gods green earth they can afford to do all this stuff. Do y’all just come from rich families or somthin? If so can one of these rich families adopt me?

  10. Simone Findlay

    And I bet the porters get paid peanuts to walk behind y’all white asses modern day slavery at its finest !!!

  11. Flora Chacha

    I went to school in Kilimanjaro region (Kibosho Girls Secondary School. Imagine waking up every morning to the view of Mount Kilimanjaro. I didn't appreciate the experience then but now i cherish the memory:) Great Video!

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