YOU CAN AFFORD to TRAVEL: Budgets & Making Money

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How to SAVE and EARN MONEY to TRAVEL! A whole lot of budget advice so you can afford to travel. Part 1/2.

💵 (Part 2) YOU CAN AFFORD TO TRAVEL: How much will your travel cost?:

Monthly Expenses Sheet

Monthly Travel Budget



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34 Replies to “YOU CAN AFFORD to TRAVEL: Budgets & Making Money”

  1. Julissa Martin

    Nadine is such an underrated YouTuber! I love her videos! Super informative and helpful and always entertaining 👍🏼

  2. s siamka

    Did she just said everybody has a debt? I don't have a debt. I don't want to have a debt. Why would I have one???

  3. Katlyn Moes

    Omg, spreadsheets! I got way too excited when I heard you say spreadsheets! They're so awesome! Thank you!!!

  4. Dragon Queen

    Good video but most banks already provide budgeting options and "save for something" options on their online banking websites so you don't have to do this extensive and meticulous method of writing everything on paper. Also, I feel like this video is more so targeted towards people who have full-time jobs, as a student with no other duties it is quite simple, you get a job and save depending how many hours you work and minimum wage in your country (best to set a goal like I will save by this date… and so forth). Of course, if you are paying for school and rent this becomes near impossible as a student unless you have wealthy parents. The whole discount system on most booking websites (trust me as someone super organised I double check every website) is not good they expect you to consider 2k,3k,4k for a decent vacation "affordable" (obvs there are like cheaper but you have to cut down on a normal hotel room and food services and it becomes not enjoyable) as a student that is not even close to affordable… Again, I have watched your video explaining how you started travelling but that is a subjective thing you had the chance and means to do that and that's awesome obvs but not all students can become avid travelers so soon and where I live, Montreal, to be an international student or to do any travelling of any sort on a frequent basis for school or for fun is really expensive like even if you save if you have duties elsewhere like school or rent forget it that is not happening.

  5. Europe's Little Secrets

    Nice video 🙂 To be honest, budgeting never worked for me. I don't think it's sustainable. You get motivated to "budget" for like a month and then you give up.
    I did some more research and found out about an even more effective way which doesn't really have a name but I like to call it "allocating". I love this method because it allows ANYONE on ANY INCOME to save without giving up little treats (because despite what everyone seems to think, you don't have to cut out the things you want either).
    I also love this way because you get rid of that guilt when you do splurge because you realise that you actually can afford that. I won't go into it more here but I have just decided that I'm going to make a video about it 🙂

  6. Jessica Moore

    I think this video is super great!!! I do all of this and have been for the past two years. I use the Daily Budget app to help me budget and it works pretty well. Doing this I have gotten to travel once each year for a two week vacation. Of course I would like to travel more, but this is a great start!

  7. unique robinson

    Your channel is gold!!! Thank you so much for being so thorough! All my biggest fears have been sated with your videos. It really takes the edge off traveling alone too

  8. George Clarke

    This video is amazing, I'm actually shocked at how much unnecessary spending I've been doing 😭I'm wasting about 3/4 of my earnings. Thank you 🙏

  9. Albert Tran

    Remove your debt as fast as you can. Life will feel so much better. I removed some debt and it was a lifechanger

  10. porridge57

    Your suggestion about moving closer to work is a great one. I did that for other reasons and was amazed at how much money I saved on gas, tires and maintenance.

  11. Lava Yuki

    i think i just gave a guesstimate budget that only exists in my head but I don't have any debt or loans. I have a travel savings account and I've been able save with things like food, groceries, making my own lunch and coffees etc

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