Singapore McDonalds – McSpicy

As we continue our exploration of fast food around the world, we bring you the McSpicy, a fiery little number from Singapore. This one might look like a regular McChicken but it packs a PUNCH!

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24 Replies to “Singapore McDonalds – McSpicy”

  1. Raymond Chia

    1. When traveling alone in SG, if you are gonna eat at the hawker centers during the lunch hour, please do take note of the Tissues on the tables. These tissues are meant to show that the table has been reserved. (Local thing that we do)

    2. Just wanted to point out, the nasi lemak banana leaf packet, it is supposed to be lifted, expand the bottom sleeves and finally opened opened.

  2. Shahrul Andeka

    i eat the Double McSpicy meal like a hobby, like it's my staple food. One thing i recommend when eating the double mcspicy is that you take out 1 of the patty aside for later, then with the normal sandwich you should put cheese, chilli, curry sauce and fries. i GUARANTEE you, there's nothing better. then after ur done with the sandwich, slowly savour the second patty. you'll feel satisfied everytime ! enjoy!

  3. irfan123100

    I have IBS and I always think of buying a mcspicy, but I know if I do, I'll be getting explosive diarrhoea in the next couple of hours. But I just can't resist 🙁

  4. Divi nity

    Dude I am still a kid it's not spicy
    Y'all just not used to it cuz y'all scared of a bit of spice.
    It ain't like this is asia

  5. silentbutterfly

    I actually didnt know mcspicy was anything special cause I only eat the mcspicy double only hahahaha It’s the best in the menu for me

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