WATERFALL Diving | Fruitocracy Field trip

In today’s video Shelby and I partnered with Dole Fruitocracy fruit pouches, they challenged us to go on a Fruitocracy Field Trip!
Thanks to Dole Fruitocracy for providing promotional consideration for this video.

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In today’s video Shelby and I partnered with Dole Fruitocracy fruit pouches, they challenged us to go on a Fruitocracy Field Trip! On my channel, we head to Enfield Falls at the Robert H Treman state park in Ithaca, NY. It wasn’t easy getting there, but it’s all about the journey not the destination, right?


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49 Replies to “WATERFALL Diving | Fruitocracy Field trip”

  1. Emma Rose

    This popped up on my home screen and I recognized treman right away!!! I live 15 mins from there and go all the time! I hope you loved Ithaca, I sure do!

  2. Katie Campbell

    i was so curious about your trip to new york (what we didn't see in vlogs) this looked so fun omg!! its now on my bucket list!

  3. meg

    I actually can not stop laughing right now b/c I can not believe an UBER drove you that far hahaha idk that is just hilarious to me!
    Awesome vlog as usual though Monica!

  4. Mary P

    I literally live 40 minutes away from Ithaca & have jumped off those diving boards before oooomg I can't believe you guys were there

  5. Marissal0l14

    Omg can't believe you were in Ithaca aka one hour away from me 😅😅 I remember seeing it on your snapchat I was so jealous I couldn't be in Ithaca that day 😭😭

  6. im a boss ass bitch

    You know you could have just gone to Opal Creek in Oregon, it may not have a diving board but it has a natural water slide, it is gorgeous, and it is way closer

  7. Makayla Joy

    I went to Ithaca and it was only a 3 hour drive for us and we went to the same place that did! I missed them dang it!

  8. Ashley Easterling

    This video was so fun to watch because I live like 2 hours away from Ithaca and had never been to this watering hole!

  9. Emma Nicole

    I go to school in Ithaca and I understand the pain of Uber not servicing the area!!! Treman State park is still beautiful to hike in the fall and winter 🙂

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