Fall Favorites 2015 | Fashion, Beauty, Food + MORE!

Thanks for watching 🙂
Watch my Fall 2015 Lookbook Here:
Sending all the love to you cuties.

Shot by:

Background Music:
Sunset Lover- Petit Biscuit
Things Mentioned:
Sweaters: Zara
Boots: *Zara has amazing ones right now.
Lip Color:
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick: Nude Nuance
Nars Lipstick: Bette
Coconut Oil
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
Dr. Jart Sheet Masks
Books- Bliss by Shay Mitchell & Michaela Blaney
Music- James Bay
Lush Baths
Common Questions:
Age- 24
Location- NYC
Intro Outfit-
Necklace: Free People
Top- Urban Outfitters
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33 Replies to “Fall Favorites 2015 | Fashion, Beauty, Food + MORE!”

  1. Jime Rodríguez

    Loooooove it!!! the sandwich looks delicious!!! And I really love your style!!! It´s so unique!!! <3 LOVE U

  2. Michelle Calvo

    i know its weird but i really love to see patrick slightly on the vid hahahah like "awww there he is, such a sweet couple picking apples" youre both the best, and the vid was so great, definitely (even when its summer here on Chile) buut im totally waiting to bought that sweater and those over the knee boots im so in love since u bought them!

  3. Alana Croxford

    Tess do you actually use the coconut oil to take off your makeup or just put it on afterwards? absolutely love your videos xxxxxxxx

  4. Terka Kroupová

    Amazing as always <3
    Could you do tvd 6×15 Caroline and Elena's hair tutorial? :O It would be really awesome 🙂 Pleeeease

  5. Jessie Henderson

    She's actually so unhealthy in how she eats…how does she stay so skinny?! GIIIRRRLLL! I NEED HELP!

  6. notyourgirrrl

    Such a lovely video! Jealous of your mild Autumn weather. No chance you can get away with barel legs and short sleeved dresses here in Scotland..:(((

  7. M G

    The way she sad shay's last name… I'm sorry I just find it funny, it's also really late at night which is probably why I'm bloody delusional

  8. Musa Taofik

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