Not the Usual China Destination!

When a friend invited me to her hometown last minute, there was only one thing to say – yes!
Skyscraper waterfalls, unexpected hikes, an empty temple, downtown scenery, and more. I am loving exploring more of China!


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town of Meizhou, Guangdong Province
Fort Mountain
Missing Valley 相思谷 (1 hour outside Meizhou)
Giant Buddhist Temple 大佛寺


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50 Replies to “Not the Usual China Destination!”

  1. Jayden LIN

    Hi Jordan. Recommend my Hometown- Chaoshan Area. Which is just 1 hour train from Shenzhen to the east. Not a tourisy place at all. With very unique culture, different language, traditional Opera,cuisine… like Meizhou. Let me know if you wanna visit haha. And if I happen to get back to China this summer,I can hit you up and show you around my interesting hometown.

  2. Tom Feng

    Wo… it’s my hometown, thanks to show it here . Did Fancy told u that a lot of famous and powerful people come from this small city ? 🙂 Like president of Singapore and Thailand?

  3. Steve Szawrowski

    China is a beautiful country with lots of beautiful parks around, here and there, and quite a lot of picturesque places, and people can enjoy a safe life in China, nobody has the right to hurt anyone! That is a big plus! Media like lies, about China, people can have a good and wonderful life in China

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