Iceland secret travel spots that most people don’t know about (Westfjords)

The Westfjords in Iceland are an Icelandic secret waiting to be discovered.
The peace and isolation of this area is something you can’t really get in any other area of the country. I think we saw 10 cars the entire time we were in the Westjords (minus the bigger cities obviously).

Can’t wait to go back to the Westfjords in Iceland and keep discovering more!

Instagrammers friends on the trip:
Chris –
Asa –
Sig –
Me –

Thank you Inspired By Iceland for bringing us out to the amazing Westfjords and showing me a side of Iceland I didn’t know existed.

Inspired By Iceland:



Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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41 Replies to “Iceland secret travel spots that most people don’t know about (Westfjords)”

  1. Emily M

    WOWOWOW! Your editting skills have LEVELED UP! I really love everything about this video! Not to mention your song choices! I was hoping you'd have them listed in your description :'( but anywho, tis beautiful xx

  2. Meg Montague

    I've not been able to go to Iceland yet but I feel homesick whenever I watch any of your videos. I hope I get a chance to visit one day, maybe I'll fall in love and move there like you did 😘

  3. boris cat

    The transitions work well on a large monitor 🙂 not so much watching on a small device. It would be nice if you could do a vid on the history of that wee house, , it looks like it has a few story's to tell. Oh and thank you 😉

  4. Gary Lewis

    Fellow Aussie here and just back from a week in Iceland…wind was CRAZY! and Rt 1 was closed in multiple places…stopping us exploring – but being trapped in small country towns forced us to explore…and it was just amazing!

  5. Javier Cumerma

    Sorelle!! Your videos are ah-mazing, and each one has made me miss Iceland even more than I already do haha. I have been visiting for 2.5 years every 6 months (it helps to have my best friend living in Vesturbaer, Reykjavik ;p Thanks for making all of these beautiful videos and great editing. You're inspiring so many and you're a beautiful person! PS – what is the name of that song in the beginning? Cannot Shazam it for anything goooddd

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