Incredible Dome Home Built with Earth Bags – Sustainable SuperAdobe House

To learn more about Seb and Isa’s earth bag “ecodome” home, and their off-grid piece of paradise, check out their website here:

They have solar power, propane, and a rocket stove, and they’re planting native trees, mushrooms, etc. along a path to create a permaculture food source on their property.

They also have a tipi and a yurt, in addition to the earthbag structure, where people can come to spend some time in nature, enjoy the trails they’ve set up, and learn different skills from basket weaving to building a rocket stove.

Seb and Isa are two very inspiring and hard working people who are a pleasure to be around. It’s also very nice to see people putting their beliefs and ideals into action. Their sustainable off grid project is called La Nature à l’état Pur.

The eco dome is built using plans for a SuperAdobe home, which they learned how to build in California at the CalEarth Institute. You can check out their website here to learn about their courses and programs:

CalEarth was founded by architect Nader Khalili:

“Cal-Earth, the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture, is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to providing solutions to the human need for shelter through research, development, and education in earth architecture. We envision a world in which every person is empowered to build a safe and sustainable home with their own hands, using the earth under their feet.”

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31 Replies to “Incredible Dome Home Built with Earth Bags – Sustainable SuperAdobe House”

  1. Steven

    The hilarious miscommunication of the close caption is worthy of a separate fail video. However, the content was quite interesting.

  2. cam baeley

    I read all the comments and only saw one mention of my question but it was not answered. I'd like to know exactly what the poly coating water proofed is and where I can get it/info.

  3. Capt’n Chris

    I’m going to make a guess that Nader Kalili has watched Star Wars before hasn’t he 😂
    Almost direct replica of Annikan skywalkers house no?

  4. rick carr

    I love this style of building yet to incorporated ideas like a medal roof insulated windows solar rocket stoves smokers and alternative back up systems i am quite certain one could built a very economical living structure in half the time yet with and very peaceful and effective outcome… Yet there's one down side your going to need not only the right companion or plural but also other contacts that are near your location…..One's has to understand the effects of social intervention and the effects of darkness on the human soul….GOD seen it in Adam and the need for a companionship…..

  5. Col Striker

    Absolutely amazing love it. Wish I had the land and money to build one. Will definitely share this to all my friends and family. Thank you for showing us such beauty.

  6. prettyparadoxical woman

    I live in Arkansas all red sandy clay land …i have an acre and a bus rv. How can i do this? Where can i get the bags?

  7. Lulo Lee

    I like it… but I still think it should be illegal because I think they live too autonomous lifestyle and don't pay as much taxes as they should…

  8. Al Foster

    Just for 💩💩 and giggles I’d love to see them build this in San Fran or Orange County with their permit process.🤣

  9. swagman9203

    Fantastic building but I didn't notice any water capture. Here in Australia we are all about capturing and storing as much water as possible.

  10. Santos Aviles

    Dear Mat and Danielle, I was wondering if the moisture issue is not coming from OUTSIDE but it is within the walls themselves…Should there be a curing/drying process before adding plaster inside and outside? Just curious. I love this technique but was just curious and/or concerned about the moisture issue. Please let me know what you think! Thank you.

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