30 Things to Do and Know about Seoul – South Korea Travel Guide

From the best things to do in Seoul, to an overall guide to travel in South Korea in 2018, this video will get you ready for an amazing trip to the uniquely beautiful city of Seoul. In this travel guide we also discuss Hongdae and Gangnam and which might be best for you.

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25 Replies to “30 Things to Do and Know about Seoul – South Korea Travel Guide”

  1. Kris Oltman-Reid

    Hehe its called Hong-day named after Hongik University. Which is the best place to stay and party outside or Itaewon. (ee-tay-wahn)

  2. Danny F

    Dude I’m sorry but your pronunciation does suck. Hongdae is spelt with DAE on the end DAE is not pronounced DIE. Even in the English language it’s not DIE. They way you say it is Hongdai but it’s spelled Hongdae, do some research because it’s just disrespectful bro.

  3. Danielle Gonzalez

    The metro is in english, japanese, and korean. The lady in the metro speaks japanese, korean, and english. The bus is in all languages too. Naver maps has an english app for maps. Taxis have kakao taxi app also in English. I am a little unsure how you found none of these? I have lived in Korea for 7 years and from day one it is super easy, even in 2012, to get around by apps. My 67 year old mother comes to visit, and she can get by on her own, so someone young a tech savvy should understand english in the metro. Even if you did not find naver maps, like they have literal whole metro maps with english station names under the korean, and then they break it down into metro line maps with english again right under it.

  4. Danica Maliwat

    May i know the name of the traditional restaurant you ate at 10:38 onwards? Your response would be a great help for my visit. Thanks!

  5. Soonyoung Park

    Google maps are not reliable in South Korea because of legal terms between google and government. Just try Naver or Kakao map. They amazingly work even in the subway due to massive number of internet station.

  6. Jennifer BL

    Fellow Canadian and this video really helped because South Korea is on our travel list coming up! Thanks again.

  7. 심정섭

    fine, extra fine dust is terrible. China should be removed from the Earth and go somewhere like Pluto. As far as possible.

  8. 꿍 꿍

    I am Korean and i like to recommend some thing you should know


    1. Sulbing. its ice flakes with lots of topping.
    2. Fried chicken. Store name : bhc, bbq, gyochon, etc
    3. Galbi and bulgogi
    4. There are many cafes in Soul . They are so good
    5. Moms touch.

    Cosmetics store name & good things in that store

    1. Etude house—foundation (popular)
    2. Olive young—maskpack,toner,lipstick
    3. Inisfree—Eyebrow
    4. Nature republic—Eyebrow
    5. Hera—maskpack
    6. Tonymory

    Tips you should know

    1. Transportation card (called kyotong card) you can use it on almost every transportation in Seoul. You can buy it in convenient store and you must charge some money on it and finally you can use it (you dont have to buy it if you are not going to use lots of transportation. And you can also use transportation with coins and bills)
    2. Apps–naver map , kakao taxi

    You should go

    1. Hongdae
    2. Insadong
    3. Lotte world (amusement park) if you want to go Lotte world you should stay there for a whole day


    THAT'S NOT KOREAN STYLE DESSERT! The store says 'TOKYO' something….. gotta try SSULBING! I thought you guys had a guide! come back and I'll show you guys what's up! I'm obsessed with your gf, although I can't understand her bc she speaks Spanish on her channel, because she is literally a twin of my best friend in california(Bay Area!). Anyway, come back in the spring and I'll show you what's up. I'm showing another big YTer in March, so holler! 🙂

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