A Grocery Store in China!

See what it’s like inside a grocery store in China!

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song – “Breeze” by Ikson
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33 Replies to “A Grocery Store in China!”

  1. Nk B

    I will go to China Guangzhou in the end of this month and your vlogs was very helpful , and maybe if still there I will meet by Accidentally ، I wish a happy day .

  2. Josh Sch

    You know the Walmart in the USA has lots of blacks working there and shopping there so it's like a dirty zoo mixed with those low end gas station toilets mixed in the jungle sounds blacks make…..in China Chinese people with money shop at Walmart and Chinese workers….night and day….did I mention blacks are lazy and filthy?

  3. Blacksage Grandmaster

    Honey….you need to make a few more Chinese friends and they would surely tell you how to eat those weird foods in the store. 🙂

  4. Jeff Wu

    This is insulting to someone living in the UK like me, because this is like saying: look at those fooooooooood, you can't get any, you can't get any, you can't get any, you just can't get any…..

  5. timthedramatic2011

    Jordane Travellight did you find fortune cookies and almond cookies on your journey through China.

  6. John Smith

    Very handy knowing how to read write and speak the language of the country your in sometimes. Especially if you decide to live and work there.

  7. 李小贺


  8. Vivek Patel

    China good shop ☺
    Oh, but i don't like dry fish 🐟
    Smell is very dirty 😧😷 otherwise all food is nyc. 👌💚. Thank you for sharing video 🎥

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