5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned (And You Should Too)

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30 Replies to “5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned (And You Should Too)”

  1. Christine Stier

    Check your cars owner manual for how often you should get an oil change. My car is 5,000 miles. The standard rule of 3 months or 3,000 miles would ruin my cars engine.

  2. Persephone Figueroa

    You remind me of the girl from the video Most shocking second in a day! You guys definitely look related!

  3. Stephanie Wilbur

    Thank you for admitting to your hometown comment. It hit close for me because I live an hour south from your hometown (which if I told you, you’d think it was even more “loser” 😭) after 10+ years living in Seattle area. I traded hours of sitting on public transportation and driving in traffic for more time with my family and a spacious property. I did enjoy my time in Seattle but if you don’t live right in the middle of the city you are losing a lot of time. When my time was my own it was much more fun. 😉 Enjoy it!

  4. Janna Sawaya

    My mistakes:
    -Maxing out my credit cards. But thankful I have grown up and paid all those debts off 👍👍

    -Not learning more about money and financial thing before moving out.

    -Not talking better care of my health while I was younger.

    -not taking care of my car 😂😂😂 first car died from not getting the oil changed enough lol oops

  5. tiffany lee

    the top biggest mistakes I made were getting into alcohol and allowing myself to get addicted to cigarettes. You shouldn't feel embarrassed for your mistakes, thats growing up. I grew up a gymnast as well, was one for 9 years, but once I stopped and got into a bad place, I let music help me. Now i'm going to school for music therapy and am looking to influence others as you do. Lets get it!!

  6. Foxy

    My mistake was getting attached to someone so much. Never let love take over you so much and be prepared to never expect to it last forever. I love someone and for the first half year we were good together, but then 2018 started and they completed changed. They rarely talk to me now, I kept trying to talk to them but I just gave up. We only say a word or 2 a day, or not even.

  7. Sylvia Brown

    I honestly hate the fact that this is one of your least viewed videos​, because honestly, this is great advice.

  8. Amar Chhabra

    Totally agree with you on #5 (last one). I use to do that to – the, "if your area''s of interests/job/hobby are not the same as mine you're a total loser". I was young dumb and immature at that point to, but getting to know that you're wrong about this comes more from life experiences and maturity. When we're young we're so focused on developing our careers and finding out who we are we think that is what the world is about and revolves around. Then you start figuring stuff out and you let other stuff in – interests, reading, etc. You discover the world is filled with all types of fascinating things, people, and experience and you learn to really appreciate them (even if they aren't your favorite thing in the world you still see them as kind of cool and interesting (or at least acknowledge others like them).

    Disagree with you a bit on the college thing – the Greek life/fraternity thing isn't that big of a deal when you look back at at (at least I don't think so). If you thing college can make you smarter and grow you as a person you should definitely go. Yeah, the partying at this point in your life may not be fun or even an experience for you but learning stuff that you are genuinely passionate about will change you and make you a more fulfilled person.

    Thanks for the video – hope all is well.

  9. Taylor Williams

    My mistakes?

    1) being too trusting to strangers (not since feburary because of a shitty incident which i hope has passed)

    2) not believing in myself

    3) not being assertive

    4) not knowing how to get around because of always having a book in my face

    5) not "stopping and smelling the roses"

  10. ChattyKathTea

    Number 1 is me but I choose not to go to college because of college debt. I don't want to work longer than expected to pay off my student loans. Plus I would be an undeclared major and I believe going to college is meant for people who really needs the degree for their job such as medical, engineers, etc.

  11. Jazmin Solorzano

    Good advices ,
    never is too late you are so young you can go to college . ☺☺☺
    I'm 33 years old and I did not go to college when i was young like the rest of the people .
    But guess what????
    I am going to study again 🙂 because is a dream that i have honestly.
    maybe I am not too young but who cares people's opinion.

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