Traveling to Finland staying in Helsinki in this travel vlog! Jaa tämä video jos asut Suomessa 🙂

Lisää videoita Suomesta!

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31 Replies to “TRAVELING TO FINLAND!!”

  1. Kneel down,here's The multifandom Queen

    -8°c? Boi that's so little here in Kuusamo(almost in Lapland) it's usually like -20°c to -30°c in winter, sometimes even more and we still go to school, and then theres America that closes all the schools when there's like -1°c lmao

  2. Ilona Valkealahti

    I don't know why but every time theres videos like "TRYING FINNISH CANDY" or something I get all hyped up and want to go scream "I'M FINNISH" in every ones face like i'm special for that somehow

  3. Ilona Valkama

    Hi! I live in Finland and I’m happy that you chose to come here!
    Jos joku lukee tätä niin terkkuja suomalaisille!❤️🇫🇮

  4. Jimmi Vjacka

    I'm not from Finland,but I'm from CZECH REP. I realy love Finland with all off these thing like a culture,people or nature. I want visit Finland 🙂 Verry nice video i love your videos 🙂 <3

  5. Jake Housington Cass

    Hei, ja tervetuloa suomalaiseen! Rakastan videoita ja katsella niitä. Toivottavasti nautit aikaasi suomessa! Asun suomessa nimeni on Leo De Foel Sen, mutta voit soittaa minulle Leo Balog. Kiitos lukemisesta!

  6. Oh yeah yeah

    Wow you aren't even a Finn and you hav been in Lapland and I haven't. I'm so jealous haha. But amazing video. I love how you seem to have fun. It always makes me so happy when I see videos of people not from Finland visiting my country and having fun. But you definitely earned a new subscriber amazing content keep it up.

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