My NEW Favorite Game! TEJO in Bogota, Colombia Travel Vlog Ep 11

I’m back in Bogota!

This is my first time playing tejo and it was so much fun! If you travel to Colombia, I highly recommend playing a game of tejo. When I was in Cali, Colombia, I couldn’t find a place to play tejo… apparently tejo is more popular in Bogota, so if you get to Bogota, ask around for where to find a place to play tejo.

It was such a cool experience as we were the only foreigners there and it was a unique local thing to do. It’s best to play in a group, so gather up some people and go find some tejo!

The other guy with the long hair playing tejo is the one who organized this for us. His name is Jesus and he has a tour company and tejo is one of these tours. If you go to Bogota, connect with Jesus as he can show you some amazing things around Bogota:

Masaya Hostel:

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21 Replies to “My NEW Favorite Game! TEJO in Bogota, Colombia Travel Vlog Ep 11”

  1. Mochilachapina

    Short video but I liked it, I never try trejo game and definitely I will play it when go back to Colombia.

  2. Aïcha Diagne

    Recently found your channel because I'm going to Colombia for a few weeks in a couple months. Your vlogs are really entertaining and informative too. Your energy is contagious and your editing is pretty good. Keep up the good work !

  3. Riyi Punji

    What I love about Colombia is its so vibrant and lively!anywhere you go it is so colorful and people are so cheerful. The energy is in the highest level. I think you belong there Steve!

  4. Froggy Media

    I’m watching this in a public restaurant and when that “macarena” part came in, I’m dead lmao 😂. Good one Steve. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  5. Claudia Barajas G.

    You're sooooo funny, I really enjoy watching your videos!! Keep discovering my country, there are lots of beautiful places!

  6. Vegas Zoom

    So STEVE , everybody including myself envied your life style. So can you give me
    some advise on how to live, survive and explore the world outside of the US. What I mean draw some income to sustain myself. I’m not a computer – digital guy; and still years away from drawing a pension.
    So is there a suggestion how?

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