How we film our travel guides

What equipment do we use to film the show? We get asked this question a LOT. So we put together a quick overview of the equipment and software we use for creating our travel guides.

Our B-Roll and SlowMo Camera: The Panasonic GH4 –

Our main PTC camera: The Canon EOS C100 Mark II –

Our handheld steadicam: The DJI Osmo –

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21 Replies to “How we film our travel guides”

  1. Simply Cherie

    Great vid – thanks! Osmo on the wish list… Can you do a vid sharing how your interests or careers lead up to this channel, how you teamed up, how you decide on the next destination? Fan here.

  2. Aisha Fatima U

    I have been searching for travel guide videos for months and this channel is the best travel guide so far. Thank you for putting up those enormous effort to educate and help tourist/travelers around the world. May GOD continue to bless you both.

  3. Will Nguyen

    Are the GH4 and C100 hand held when you are shooting or are there stabilizers, tripods, sliders with you?

  4. UUtv

    Great work gentlemen… The hundreds of hours of planning, production, and post you both put into each episode you make is greatly appreciated. Great info, great presentation, great production, and great vision. I'm sure somedays you think "WTF are we doing…" but it is appreciated to us who love to travel.

  5. Robbie Backpacking

    Thanks for the tips. As a solo travel vlogger I use the Joby Gorilla Pod legs as a selfie stick and mobile tripod. I also have an on-board microphone (Rode video mic pro) for my Canon 5D miii. I think the set up works pretty well for "run and gun style" travel video and photography shooting.

  6. Daniel Clooney

    Fascinating video guys! Thanks for sharing your tricks on great filming. I never would have thought that your iPhone would have been one of the devices used.

  7. Kate Pdm

    what camera would you recommend for me? im going on a round the world trip starting November xD silly and uninformed question i knuuu:-)

  8. trashkovic

    I watch a lot of YouTube. Like a lot. In particular cycling and travel content. You fine gentlemen are at the top of your game. Format, content, production, and just general vibe and respect for the world we live in. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you for what you do.

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