This Q&A Doesn’t Suck: Let’s Talk Fame, Money, Heritage, And Fears

This Q&A Doesn’t Suck: Let’s Talk Fame, Money, Heritage, And Fears

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Well…let’s just concentrate for a second on how great that intro is. IT WAS SO FUN MAKING IT!

Day 3 of Living Like Casey and I decided It was highly necessary to drop in a Casey Neistat style Q n A (Question and Answer video). I’m never good at these videos because I don’t know if I love talking about myself, but you guys keep asking so I shall answer away!

In this episode of the Q n A, I’m covering answers on Fame, Money, My Heritage and Fears.

Let me know what you think of this video!

I hope you enjoyed this video! Tune in for day 7 of this lifestyle where I will recap the week and how it feels living like Casey!

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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46 Replies to “This Q&A Doesn’t Suck: Let’s Talk Fame, Money, Heritage, And Fears”

  1. ThePeddle

    I stumbled on you today because of your Casey vid…'ve got a new subscriber. I think you and your content is refreshing and I'm looking forward to all your future content. I wish the best of luck to you!

  2. Danisha Pop

    I like that you are open money, it's a reality we don't have to be ashamed of it. I do one week or one month of daily videos and like you said I find inspiration a lot more easily and because my community guides me and inspire me new content all the time. Love to see you often. Peace!

  3. Onibella Kay

    Maybe people ask you if you want to have kids, because you seem like a really amazing human and it would be so awesome to have more humans like you.

  4. Shel BE

    Hey sorrelle, I doubt that you’ll ever see this, but o thought about you having kids as well and I wondered if you ever would, not because your a girl but because of your life style 🙂 How do you think it would be difficult? Or do. You think you could do it?? Do you even want kids? It’s ok if you don’t, it just would be interesting to see you sharing your life style with a family and teaching them about the world and all the possibilities of who they could be. It would just be interesting to live like that I think 🙂

  5. tori elizabeth

    I genuinely think you are one of my favourite youtubers. Normally I have periods of time where I watch one person and then grow out of them but your videos are so interesting and educational that they inspire me to better myself and life. I never grow tired of your videos and I LOVE IT. Thank you Sorelle! 🙂

  6. Andrew Spartan

    I really love your videos and I thought your intro to this was epic. I do have one thing to say though, don’t get offended when people ask you if you want kids because they are just curious. I am a guy and am often asked if I want kids. I think everyone is interested in if people they like want to have kids or not in the future. It’s important to not fall into a victim mentality and think everything is sexist. People don’t expect that you are going to have kids, they are just curious if you want them one day because you are in a loving relationship. Anyway, thank you for your videos, I always enjoy them and think you have a wonderful personality and create awesome quality content. Keep up the great work!

  7. Yvettes Vibes

    I feel the exact same in regards to motivations, the fear of being old and regretting that I didn’t take full advantage of my freedom and health!

  8. Yvettes Vibes

    Oh and freedom is my main driver for my channel. I dream to be free. You are my biggest inspiration for YouTube 😊

  9. DemiiiNation

    I'm back from a busy schedule. This is another amazing video!! Every video of yours is empowering and inspiring. Every time I watch your videos, you never fail to remind me how I want to live my life!!! Thank you Sorelle.

  10. Klaudia Gut

    Sorelle! I lost it, when you mentioned that you used to live in Poland and that your family is from Poland. 😍 You are beautiful, amazing, talented person. 🤗Sending love from Poland,
    Your #1 fan ❤️💕

  11. Marie-Clare Byard

    I was at Power of video too… you were amazing!!! I totally got what Coady said, now I have to start, loving that you are keeping up, well done, you are bloody amazing, love your work so much. x x Marie-Clare IRELAND!

  12. M Coffeecation

    This is something I need to hear more frequently! So, thank you ! I NEED to escape my cubicle!! I have some debts I am working thru which have completely put my life on HOLD. – so wrong and bad on soooo many levels and I'm relatively non-materialistic. Currently, am trying to think of ways to make passive income. Your videos have inspired me.

  13. Fred Cruz

    really love how you feature nature through your contents, idk am I the only one who really appreaciate thaaaaat ✨ having that aesthetic vibe

  14. Lindsay Goodwin

    The intro was great! You're videography skills have improved so much! I've been following you since Iceland, so it's really inspiring to watch you blow up and watch you improve so much! Keep up the great work.

  15. Wieneke Zwering

    Hi, i love watching your videos, you have such a beautiful and positive spirit. But i was wondering: did you go to college and if not do you have/notice any troubles with the fact that you don’t have a degree. I’m asking because really want to travel a lot too but I’m afraid that if it doesn’t work out and I don’t get any money out of it, that I still have to work. And not that that is a problem, but when you don’t have a degree, you can’t really get a job anymore nowadays.

  16. Natalia Prokopyeva

    RRRRRRRUSSIANs)))))))thats why you have a such stRonG RRRRRRRR)))))))))) ppl from Russia???/ ANY??

  17. Broke Teens

    I know what you mean about money. Neither of my parents have much money (I'm a teen so I still live with them) and I don't want to live my life like this forever, constantly worrying about money. But the fact you've managed to do get to your dream lifestyle gives me hope that I can get mine, without having to get a crappy job.

  18. CallmePeachxo

    Hey Sorelle! I‘m a huge fan and I‘m literally binge watching your videos at the moment. Yesterday I‘ve seen a video, in which you kind of explain your skin routine and that you like to shave your facial hair and use olive oil. I‘m pretty much into the idea and wanted to try it out but I think I made or understood something wrong … Could you explain it in another video a little further? Or maybe do a morning/evening routine based on your lifestyle? I think organic routines like yours are very rare 😅 I‘d love to see that! If it‘s not the kind of content you want to share I can totally understand💕

  19. Nika

    I just want to thank you because until this video and your post on Instagram I thought I was alone in thinking about my relationship with death. You are the first person that I've seen that is talking openly about it and now I know that I'm not alone in this way of thinking. Nowadays people don't want to talk about death and I'm glad you brought it up.

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