VEGAN TRAVEL TIPS (+ Food Intolerances & Allergies )

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My best tips, advice and hacks on traveling as a Vegan, with food intolerances, diets and allergies.

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37 Replies to “VEGAN TRAVEL TIPS (+ Food Intolerances & Allergies )”

  1. Kamille Aguilar

    I totally understand the whole "you're vegetarian? we have fish!" and the "you're vegan, but you still eat cheese right?" conversation. kind of cute but mostly annoying hahaa

  2. Ariel M

    Ah! You're VEGAN! 🙂 I love that. My husband and I are also vegan and we're traveling to Thailand. I came across your packing guide for Southeast Asia and I am so glad that you are also vegan. Mad respect <3

  3. HeyShae

    This is super helpful because my friend and I are going on a 6 month sponsored trip as vegans around the world and need tips like this to start off, so we can hopefully be the ones giving the tips later! 🙂

  4. Mermaid Cherish

    That's so annoying! I was raised vegetarian (I'm now vegan), but forever people have asked, "Does that mean you eat fish and/or chicken?" "Nooo, those are meat." "No they aren't." Haha! What are they then? They certainly aren't plants! Hate it when people call themselves vegetarian and eat fish/chicken and confuse the meaning of vegetarian. Such a pet peeve!

  5. Erica Velasco

    THANK YOU! I just recently became vegan in the past 6 months and had already had some trips planned prior to that decision. I was really worried about the food portion of traveling. Thanks 😊😊😊

  6. Vincent Galiano

    I personnally travel with a vegan passport, with a text explaining veganism in many many languages.

  7. Gabriella Austin

    Great video! ♡
    Myself and a friend just got back from Japan we both are vegan and my friend has celiacs diseases. as troublesome as it may seem between Happy Cow, Google, prepared snacks and talking with locals via the Google translate app we found absolutly amazing food all over Japan.

  8. rutapickle

    i keep kosher, and thats the number one thing that stresses me out about travelling. but thank G-d there are apps 🙂

  9. Sasa B.

    I will have an exchange to Belgium next year (I'm German) and I'm vegan. And I am kind of scared because I don't really want to tell them "I'm vegan, you'll have to prepare some special food for me". But, what I think every vegan understands, I absolutely don't want to eat all that stuff again, especially not for 2 weeks. I really don't know what to so

  10. Your Travel with Olivia

    Excellent tips and useful for those travellers who think that travel is impossible or at the very least a bother because they have dietary restrictions…. Sometimes FATAL!

  11. In the Wander Years

    Great tips Nadine!!! I found travelling as a vegan not to bad actually, I actually became vegan while travelling which I just made a video about if you want to check it out. What were your go to things to make when you could cook overseas Nadine??

  12. Lyricaldove

    Thanks for the helpful ideas Nadine. Google Translate is great. I just type something in English and it is translated to the language of the country I am visiting. Of course you need data or wifi to use Google Translate. The translated cards are a good idea just in case you don't have data or wifi.

  13. Treble Maker 909

    It really depends on where you go in Europe for vegan food- France, probably not that easy. They love cheese and meat! Large cities are also usually better – Berlin is probably one of the best places for vegan food in the world – and mediterranean countries tend to use oil rather than butter and love, love, love their veg. Ibiza is actually amazing for vegan and healthfood places now, if you like raving and eating vegan food!

  14. Eva De Ridder

    I have a garlic intolerance, which can be pretty annoying as well… Garlic seems to be in everything, especially abroad 😞 I do manage to get something I like without garlic, but I sometimes still have moments I eat garlic without realizing it and then I'm quite ill the rest of the day… I'm going to put the allergy cards on my list next time I'll be travelling!

  15. that's part of life

    thanks <3 i feel more confident with the idea of traveling now 🙂 i feel like by taking the power over my way of eating i kinda lost my capacity of moving and going out as i wanted

  16. DNA Leguillou

    What if you're sensitive to all nuts, seeds, nightshade foods (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant), eggs, no grains, no rice, no chicken, no pork, no arugula, no spinach, onions and garlic. That was my idea! 😃 My food sensitivities are crazy! I'm traveling to Europe. Wish me luck! 😆

  17. Marlyn

    For my fellow vegan travelers, you can use “” to find the vegan/vegetarian places all around the world ^_^

  18. kavee Veevy

    Have you ever thought about international travel, but were intimidated by food allergies? Please help Siam Allergy Free Kitchen in Thailand learn more about the needs of food-allergic travelers as they develop cultivated food services, by filling out this short survey:

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